Business & Marketing

The Academy began offering “Business and Marketing” programs and courses around 2005 as a convenience to our students — allowing them to learn as they grew their service business.

Here we are in Tuscon, 2009, with James Malinchak, star of ABC’s The Secret Millionaire, March 20, 2011.

Niki and Susan have both invested time and finances to continuously upgrade their professional education thus staying on the leading-edge of what is available and applicable in our field consistently, as we like to joke, “from the turn of the century”.

We have attended diverse conferences and trainings and had the opportunity to meet and share time with many well-known, successful business people.


Relative to Business/Marketing, both Niki and Susan are

  • Certified Professional Coaches

as well as specifically certified as

  • Money, Marketing and Soul Coaches
  • Sacred Money Archetype Coaches
  • Money Breakthrough Method Coaches

with our first certifications beginning in 2009 and holding memberships in related Professional Associations with standards of practice and continuing education since that time.

Niki and Susan also hold a multitude of other certifications (Niki/Sue)

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