Marketing and Sales for the Spiritpreneur

Marketing and Sales are both words that tend to leave a ‘bad taste’ in the mouths of Spiritpreneurs … despite knowing that to grow our business we must participate in both marketing and sales. The problem lies in the lack of authenticity and ‘traditional’ formats of marketing our business.

Let’s change that.

Spiritpreneurs must feel congruent with the ways they market and promote their business in order for them to succeed. Part of the that is understanding the unconscious beliefs we have relative to money from society and our personal/familial history. Another part is understanding a different way to look at ‘sales’ so that the process becomes easy, comfortable and, eventually, fun!

Within this section, we will be listing a variety of workshops, courses, webinars, teleseminars, videos and more to help you become comfortable with this vital portion of your business.