Sacred Money Archetypes [TM]

Each of us is born with a ‘sacred’ financial destiny we are meant to fulfill.

What if you knew what your ‘sacred’ financial destiny was — and were able to align YOUR spiritual and financial success to create powerful results for you and your business?

If you’re ready to stop stressing out about money and, instead, generate more income and financial freedom … on your terms, to transform your deepest fears regarding money into enlightened and joyful action:

Knowing YOUR Sacred Money Archetype will allow you to unlock what makes YOU ‘tick’ when it comes to money.

Your archetypes will also help create transformation in other areas of your life including relationships and business/career.

Susan Crutcher
Sacred Money Archetype Certified Coach


Introduction: 4 Module Program


A step-by-step program, available in 3 formats,
leading you through the discovery of
your Sacred Archetype and how it can
positively impact your life and business
by unlocking the money puzzle.’

Module 1: Discover Your Sacred Money Archetype

Module 2: Slaying Your Money Demons and Dragons

Module 3: Discovering Your Divine Financial Life Purpose

Module 4: Solving the Time and Money Trap

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Private Strategy Session
“Discover Your Sacred Money Archetype”


You’ll come away from your
“Sacred Money Archetypes Discovery Session”
with a much clearer picture of who you are and how to
stand in your power relative to money and finances.

During the Sacred Money Archetype Discovery Session, we’ll unveil:

  • your sacred money gifts and challenges
  • your empowering money mindset
  • your money contract and
  • ways to be in alignment with your sacred money contract

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