SMA 4-module Program

Introduction: 4 Module Program

money-puzzleA step-by-step program, available in 3 formats,
leading you through the discovery of
your Sacred Archetype and how it can
positively impact your life and business
by unlocking the money puzzle.

THREE FORMATS available:

  1. Live, online in four 2-hour segments (over 2 or 4 weeks)
  2. Live, online in two 4-hour segments (1 day workshop)
  3. Live, in-person 1-day workshop



Module 1: Discover your Sacred Money Archetype

  • Solve the riddle as to HOW you’re going to move beyond your current money story and into the kind of financial empowerment you can bank on
  • Discover the most profitable actions you can take to increase your income to begin securing your financial freedom and future
  • Learn how to apply the power of your “Sacred Money Contract” (yes, everyone has one) to your business, so you can transform your ideas into financial success in meaningful and exciting ways

Module 2: Slaying your money demons and dragons

  • The 4 pillars of sacred money empowerment
    • empowering your boundaries
    • empowering your actions
    • empowering your voice and
    • empowering your integrity

Module 3: Discovering your divine financial life purpose

  • Create extraordinary alignment between who you are and the income you wish to create
  • Map out a personal plan that empowers you to take aligned action to generate greater income while fulfilling your purpose and honoring what you value most
  • Use a powerful template to solve common business challenges to help you confidently make important decisions, easily and with clarity
  • Knowing your Divine Financial Purpose gives you permission to thrive and succeed in life and business

Module 4: Solving the time and money trap that most entrepreneurs unconsciously find themselves falling into

  • Learn the key areas that make up your business and which archetype ‘leads’ each area … freeing you up to run your business more effectively
  • Stop faulting/blaming yourself for not being awesome at every thing in your business – it’s not possible! Instead, get practical ways the archetypes can help you ‘get it all done’
  • Learn how to use your Sacred Money Archetypes to gain control of your time

Susan Crutcher
Sacred Money Archetypes Certified Coach