Spirit of Your Money Path

Spirit of Your Money Path

Are you pushing money away? Or attracting it to you?

Do you feel like a victim? Have feelings of powerlessness or helplessness? Do you avoid, or have guilt? This all shows up in your relationship with money.

When it shows up in your relationship with money, it shows up in other aspects of your life as well; most certainly in your personal relationships, other habits and ways you run your life. Wherever money shows up, the issues will be the same. If it is true that “How you do money is how you do everything in your life” – Where do you see yourself?

This ‘By Registration Only’ series is not a drop in. When you register, you are making a commitment to yourself and to the others in the group.

This 5 session series takes place in both teleseminar and on-line format, for your convenience.

Niki Klein, Facilitator

Money, Money, Money: Gift or Grief?

I have been struggling with money for years and taken many courses on how to handle your money, how to budget, etc.  None of these courses gave me the satisfaction I was looking for. There was something missing and it still left me worthless. I decided to give it one more try and signed up for The Spirit of your Money Path with Niki Klein…Ah ha! That something missing was being fulfilled it wasn’t the knowledge of budgeting that I was lacking but our loving relationship.  Each week I had to delve into the core of my feelings and issues, and be prepared to divorce with the struggles that I bestowed upon myself.

Warning! Only when you are true to yourself will this course be intense!

I re-examined the course again on my own I felt there were some things that only touched the surface, and I needed to get to the core in order to put things to rest once and for all and rise again like the phoenix.

If this sounds familiar then I highly recommend taking this course.

What I have learned and want to share:

In the path of life, it takes courage to expand your limits express your power and fulfill your dreams.

The financial realm should be no different.

It takes courage to live honestly, wisely, true to yourself …and true to your desire for more.

I may not have millions, but I have peace, things look much richer. In the mean time I have returned to school taking a course in Accounting.  Go figure? (No pun intended)

Eva Ribai
Cambridge, ON


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