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Wisdom of Dr. Wayne Dyer

Niki here – “I am always surprised when I receive an email from Dr. Wayne Dyer, knowing he has moved on from his physical shell. Yet, I am grateful that Hay House and his family work together to continue to share his wisdom. Read, take in and remember. Blessings” As the new year approaches, let […]

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It All Counts!

Remember when we discussed Is your ‘money speedometer’ set on cruise control last post?  Today’s post is going follow along the same line of thought – in fact, the next few posts will be along this line – working with and on your money mindset. Niki and I are part of an elite group of Certified Money, […]

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Is your “money speedometer” set on cruise control?!

Wow! Back in 2010 business certainly started off with a BANG! That’s when I first heard a different variation on ‘money thermometer’ and it went much deeper than what I had learned at a T. Harv Ecker seminar previously. After I returned from my mentor, Kendall SummerHawk’s, Platinum Inner Circle live retreat in January that year, […]

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