Is your “money speedometer” set on cruise control?!

Is your “money speedometer” set on cruise control?!

speedometerWow! Back in 2010 business certainly started off with a BANG! That’s when I first heard a different variation on ‘money thermometer’ and it went much deeper than what I had learned at a T. Harv Ecker seminar previously.

After I returned from my mentor, Kendall SummerHawk’s, Platinum Inner Circle live retreat in January that year, I finally decided on my ‘spirit archetype statement’ and  managed to complete my ‘profit pyramid™’ to plan my marketing strategies for 2010. My Bold Goal for the year was in place as were my 60-day Bold Goals through the year. I was suddenly on quite a roll.

Alright! Let’s get YOU started off on the right foot (or the left if that’s your predominant one) as well …

It does not need to be a ‘new year’ to begin a new plan for your business. START TODAY.

Let’s take a few minutes to help you

  • determine where your current ‘money speedometer’ is and
  • set your ‘new money speedometer’.

For this exercise, you’ll use the gross amount, before any expenses, of all money you’ve brought in – it all counts.

  • Look at your total income for each month over the past year*
  • Select the five highest months and add them up
  • Divide by 5

This represents your ‘current money speedometer’.

Now, choose a number just outside your comfort zone. There are reasons for this:

If you stay in your comfort level, it won’t create incentive for you to earn more

If you go too far out of your comfort zone, it won’t be a believable number to you and you’ll likely give up trying to attain it very quickly.

  • Write down your ‘new money speedometer’ goal
  • Write down the date by which you want to achieve it
  • Post it where you can see it every day

Naturally, during an actual coaching session, we go a lot deeper into this exercise. This is the bare-bones version but, if you actually put it into action, it will get you to your goal.

Once you achieve your goal, set a new ‘new money speedometer’ to keep pushing the boundaries of your beliefs.


By the way … if you think this is old news because this post talks about 2010, think again.

I currently have two clients who have been ‘resetting’ their money thermostats quarterly since the summer of 2014. And, guess what? It’s working! They are miles ahead of where they were when I met them and so proud of themselves.

That’s what makes coaching such a pleasure … playing a supportive role in other’s successes. There’s not much that can top the sense of fulfillment.

To your success…

— Sue

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* If you have no idea what you’ve brought in over the past year or you are not using a ‘tracking sheet’ of some sort – we need to talk. Knowing your income and expenses is VITAL to your financial success in business and in your personal life.