Komyo Reiki-Do

Komyo Reiki-Do is more than a hands-on healing art. It is a practice meant first and foremost to be a spiritual way or path for personal enrichment and enlightenment, with the enhanced hands-on healing ability as an outgrowth of that inner working. The teachings are on Reiki practice as a gateway to spiritual awakening, leading to Satori (enlightenment)

There are four levels or degrees; at this time we, at AoHM, are introducing the first two levels.

There are four levels, or degrees, in the Komyo ReikiDo system: Shoden, Chuden, Okuden, and Shinpiden.

They are also known simply as Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4. The focus of the first two degrees is more on developing the therapeutic aspects of Reiki, while the last two degrees focuses more on developing the spiritual aspects.

  • Shoden (First Level) – Focus is primarily on self-healing, the family and friends, health and happiness, as well as treating others, and on learning how to practice ‘Non-attachment.’

  • Chuden (Second Level) – Focus is on helping others through distant healing and helps the student become more aware of the concept of ‘Non-duality’, and of their connection to and impact upon the world around them. Instruction is given on Japanese techniques, three of the four symbols, and distance healing.

  • Okuden (Third Level) – Focus is on the spiritual practice of Reiki Ryoho, and developing ‘Right Mind’ through the practice of mindfulness both in our Reiki practice and in our day-to-day lives. One last symbol is given. Training is intended for Teacher/Shihan candidates, or for practitioners who wish to deepen their understanding of Reiki Ryoho and develop their inner growth.

  • Shinpiden (Teacher/Shihan) – For those who are interested in teaching Komyo ReikiDo. Shinpiden candidates must be certified in all Komyo levels and complete an apprenticeship program, re-sitting in on a minimum of 2 classes for each Komyo ReikiDo level.