Reiki I & II Intensive

Reiki First & Second Degree Intensive

For those who have a basic understanding of energy concepts, have previously experienced energy healing or feel comfortable in taking the first two levels together.

Immerse yourself in, experience and receive your Reiki Certification in this 3 day course which combines lecture, discussion and hands-on format. Foundation includes, but not limited to:

    • What Reiki is and isn’t
    • The Reiki Kanji
    • How Reiki Works
    • Visualizations
    • The history as was told and what we know today
    • Hand positions to treat others and self
    • Reiki as First Aid
    • Group Reiki
    • The Precepts and Principles
    •  Chakra System
    • About Attunements
    • Each student will receive an Attunement to each level, to connect to the source.
    • The Three Pillars of Reiki
    •  Preparation and Initiation for Second Degree
    • Second Degree Usui Reiki Symbols
    • Distant Healing
    • Ethics of Complementary Care
    • Reiki in business or as a Private Practice

Manual, Handouts and more!
Certificate issued upon successful completion
24+ hours
Your investment: $495 + tax

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