Scientific Hand Analysis

Susan Crutcher is currently in a year-long program studying Level II of “Scientific Hand Analysis” and will be offering a variety of personal interest talks and workshops as she progresses along that journey.

As a requirement of the program, Susan is required to study and interpret a minimum of 100 pairs of hands! There will be opportunities throughout 2016 for you to participate if you are interested.




Our fingerprints are formed at approximately 14 weeks while we are in our mother’s womb. They do not change throughout our lifetime. The combination of fingerprints help us determine our life lesson — what it is we are here to learn, study and master.

The various lines and marks on our palms and fingers, as well as the shapes of our hands and fingers, do change throughout our lifetime.

Our palms hold a message to ourselves — a reminder of where we’ve been and the issues we are resolving. Lines will change, appear and disappear over time.

Approximately 10-15% of the population has a special category of line formation in the hands called “gift markings”

It is quite common, particularly those in the healing arts, to have at least one of these. If you do, it is a big deal! If you have more than one, it’s a bigger deal.

These ‘gift markings’ identify extra potential talent that can help clarify your life purpose. If your gifts are not expressed, it can feel like ‘something is missing’ in your life.

Hand Analysis is NOT Palm Reading and does not offer any ‘predictions’ or ‘crystal ball readings’.



  • Discover all of the Life Schools (from your fingerprints!) – your daily spiritual school and the THEME of your life!
  • Discover what “Life Lessons” are and what they are here to teach you.
    Your Life Lesson is the #1 thing that keeps you stuck! (“Otherwise known as your blind spot!”)
  • Discover how you can use your Life School to communicate the core message and promise of your business brand to your clients!