Heart Lines

Heart Lines

The horizontal line across your palm located closest to the base of your fingers is known as your Heart Line

There are 4 Basic Heart Line Archetypes

  • Passionate
  • Hermit
  • Big Heart
  • Romantic Idealist

Each of these lines, because we are individuals, have variations on a theme so to speak … for example, you could have a passionate, acting like a big heart, a social hermit

Your heart line could be long, short, curved, straight, split, combined with another line.

You might also have what are know as heart line ‘extras’ which could include: bubbles; bending over backwards; Mars, Jupiter or Mercury mate selector, armoring, splintered and many more. Each extra is interpreted relative to the basic heart line archetype as well as it’s length, positioning, start/finish, extras included and through feedback with each individual client.

Each line also relates to an element (earth, air, water, fire).

  • Can you guess which element relates to which archetype?
  • Which Archetype do you think you might be?


Susan found it more than interesting … it was fascinating.

And, the interpretations received and the studying done has helped to validate and offer comfort along her journey toward stepping into her leadership role to fulfil her life purpose.

Welcome to the journey …

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