About “The Academy”

Providing education and training in the Healing Arts
since the turn of the century.

Niki Klein
and Susan Crutcher

Niki and Susan met in the early fall of 1999 at Conestoga Institute of Applied Arts and Technology in Waterloo, Ontario. This program, entitled “Complementary Care” was part of the Health Sciences & Community Services Faculty, and was open to those who had successfully completed a degree or diploma in a health-related field or who were working in related fields.

Shortly thereafter, they both registered for a weekend training program which, upon completion, had them both realizing there was a definite need for quality, personalized education in the Healing Arts.

By late fall, they determined they would create their own school and set about to do so.

In January 2000, the first in-person workshop was in place and the Academy of Holistic Modalities was a reality.

Since 1999 … 

or as we like to say “since the turn of the century


We welcome questions regarding the Academy, what we believe in, what we teach, and why we teach.

We offer guidance in choosing a career path suitable to you, your lifestyle and your personality.

Both Niki and Susan (AHM Co-founders) have their own private practices where they work with small business entrepreneurs coaching them to success. Contact either of them for more details.

Why Choose Us

20 Years of Experience

Literally 2 decades as co-founders of the Academy of Holistic Modalities Inc. but, together, almost a full century of teaching/educating experience
between us!

Small Classes

It has been a key focus since inception that our classes remain small. It is that way with purpose and intention —
we want our students
to feel heard, supported and
have their questions answered.

We Deliver

As our many, many testimonials attest, the Academy delivers.
Quality content, individual attention
are important to you and to us!

Our Co-Founders

Niki Klein and Susan Crutcher — very different and very similar individuals — are voracious readers, life-long learners and long-time friends with an inner drive to share their knowledge and experience to help others along life’s journey.

Niki Klein

Niki Klein

President of the Academy, Teacher, Coach

Susan Crutcher

Susan Crutcher

Teacher, Educator, Coach


“I like the small, personal classes. The highlight for me was meeting Susan and Niki. You two have a lot of fun interacting; I would definitely take another course in the future.” A.K., Mississauga