Niki Klein

B.Sc., C.M.M.S.C., Shihan

“Heal the mind …
the body will follow”

My life has always been about people – specifically finding a way to help, teach or heal in some kind of organic way.

Many, many years ago I graduated from the University of Waterloo with a degree focusing on teaching, counselling and the formation of the Waterloo Region Rape Distress Centre. At the time, this centre was only the second in Canada.  

Throughout the 60’s and early 70’s, my attention was centered on living in a way that contributed to my community.

At the time, this included (but was not limited to), studying the effect of certain foods and food additives on children; opening the first vegetarian restaurant in the K-W area; starting the first food co-op; operating a natural foods baking and catering business. This was decades before any of this became popular.

As my father use to say: “I was a head of my time”.

Through out the middle/late 70’s into the 80’s, I worked in the field of sexual assault and abuse; studied to become a Marriage and Family Therapist and continue on to this day with post-graduate studies at the university and college levels.  Oh yes, I was also a wife and farmer.

These days, my academic research and studies are primarily focused on Aromatic studies and researching Reiki, with a modicum of Spiritual Business Coaching to assist clients with their businesses.

In the early 1990’s, I became very ill. After seeing doctors and specialists over a number of years, in an attempt to get some answers, I set about on a path of discovery to educate myself about the human body. This journey became one of finding the healing connection between the body, mind and spirit. As a life-long learner and student of human nature, I was always on the lookout for what resonated within….. and without.

I was in the first graduating class of a post-graduate program through Conestoga Institute of Applied Arts and Technology, entitled ‘Complementary Care’. This program, which was part of the Health Sciences & Community Services Faculty, was open to those who had successfully completed a degree or diploma in a health related field or who were working in related fields. I graduated from this program in 2003 as a Certified Complementary Care Practitioner.

This program was designed to include someone with my academic background who shared the desire to learn new ways to help others in a holistic manner, as an adjunct to the current medical model. What’s more, the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities recognized the importance of Complementary Care in the Health Care Sector and certified the program.

I was hired to teach in the program each term, from January 2005 through December 2010. I taught or co-taught courses including
Reiki, First & Second Degree
Intro to Complementary Care
Ethics, Legalities & Professional Relationships
Biology for Complementary Care
East-West Models
until the ‘powers that be’ decided the program did not have enough student registrations to warrant keeping the program open.

Toward the end of the last century, Susan Crutcher and I met and the formation of the Academy of Holistic Modalities Inc. became a reality!

Oh! and I also worked in the Registrar’s Office for the Faculty of Arts from 1990 until mid 2000’s, I think…………so much happened what with health challenges and going to school and working full-time and looking after elderly parents and…………….

For many years I was in private practice where I provided Reiki, Reflexology, Aromatherapy Massage, Heated Stone Massage, Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Therapeutic Touch, mentoring, energy healing and incorporated other therapies when required.

I still see clients today in my office; interested? Call or email

Sometime around 2008, the idea of coaching as opposed to the Therapeutic Model intrigued me. I liked the idea of being able to move someone forward (help them off the wheel) and so began the years of learning how to be an excellent coach.

Certifications in the Coaching Field include
Certified Professional Life Coach
Money, Marketing & Soul Certified Coach
Money Breakthrough Method Certified Coach
Sacred Money Archetypes Certified Coach

So easy to see how Spirituality and Money Mindset resonate with me – yes!?!

I provide private coaching, workshops, and VIP events to encourage small business entrepreneurs and those starting out, to be and do that which is their soul’s purpose.

In 2003 I completed my certification to be a professional Aromatherapist and joined the Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists. I have maintained membership since. Up until the last year or so, I was only using Essential Oils for myself and friends.

Then I began to read stuff on Facebook and became very angry! What I was reading was so dangerous, I couldn’t believe people were getting away with saying what they were telling people to do!!! I saw red!

At that point I made a decision to go back into the Aromatic Field and not just the Field, but SAFETY AND EFFICACY!

Wow! Still feeling it….People – Essential Oils are medicine, not to be played with unless you have some education. Not knowledge – education. The internet can be an awesome place – but not all you read is true OR SAFE!

So, 2018/19 I went around to libraries, health food stores and senior centres, pretty well where anyone wanted me to give a presentation on the Safe Use of Essential Oils. Everything I share(d) has scientific research backing me up. I am a huge researcher as a former academic. Go figure.

So, not only am I a long-time Certified and Registered Aromatherapist with both the Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists (CFA)*, I am also an International Member of the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA)^.
*CAHP = Certified Aromatherapy Health Professional
^ NAHA Certified Clinical Aromatherapist (3rd)

You have probably figured out by now that I am pretty much a detail person; always looking for ‘the way’. (‘do’ – as in doh)

I have taken a number of programs with David Crow of Floracopeia encompassing Essential Oils, Herbs, Ayurveda, etc

I have been studying with Robert Tisserand of the Tisserand Institute and have completed
Oxidation and Shelf Life
How Essential Oils Work in the Body
Fundamental Chemistry
Beyond the Bottle – Understanding Essential Oils
and currently am enrolled in Essential Formulation – Oil Based Products and Aqueous Sprays

I am also studying with Aromahead Institute – I know this is getting crazy – well, I never said I wasn’t – so there!

Aromatherapy Teacher Training
Aromatherapy Certification Program
Anatomy and Physiology for ACP
Aromatherapy for Natural Living
Aromatherapy Advanced Graduate Program|
Yikes! No more – I just looked at the list in full…………I need to go study 😊

I began teaching Reiki in early 2000s based on what I was taught. As a curious person, I needed to know more. This has taken me on a very interesting ride meeting Reiki people from around the world. (Let’s hear it for cheaper long- distance rates, Skype and more recently FB Live and Messenger.)

The more I read, learned and researched, the more I realized I knew nothing about Reiki. What I knew was very much mythology. (I speak about this more in classes.)
Needless to say, my love of Reiki has only increased. I am passionate about sharing it to as many as will have me. These days my focus is on Komyo ReikiDo as taught to me by Inamoto Sensei a Buddhist monk from Japan who learned Reiki from Mrs Yamaguchi who learned from Hyashi Sensei. It is Japanese truth before Reiki came to North America.

I do teach Western-style when requested – because I now teach without the mythology and indeed explain how it came to be. We have much to be grateful for.

I have taken many, many additional courses and workshops throughout the years to add to my ever-expanding repertoire. For me, this is the same as breathing – a passion to learn and grow.  I am a life long learner and – just so you know – I was a late starter and that is another story for another time. We are never too old and it is never too late to learn. I am passionate.

I am a member of a number of professional associations, all having Standards of Practice and Codes of Ethics by which I am governed.

I take a strong stand on giving back to the community.

I hope you have enjoyed meeting me; I have many stories as I have lived a long and interesting life. Someday I may share about my time in the Canadian Music Business – or not.

Sending blessings and love


A few of my Mentors

As you’ve no doubt guessed, I have invested heavily (financially and time-wise)
in bettering myself personally and professionally.
Below are only three of the many Mentors I have studied with over the decades.

Niki with Komyo Reiki-Do Master

Niki with Komyo Reiki-Do Master


Kendall Summerhawk (right)

Kendall Summerhawk (right)

Money Mindset Certifications



at an event

“I found myself in my element – right at home. Always felt comfortable to ask questions – answers explained clear and concise. Very relaxed atmosphere and material covered was very easy to understand due to the presentation and atmosphere. Thanks.”   — D.G. Lucan

One of my favourite Testimonials