The Academy of Holistic Modalities Inc. was originally co-founded by Niki Klein and Susan Crutcher in late 1999 or, as we like to say “at the turn of the century” in Kitchener, Ontario. It was incorporated in 2005.

The Academy has had the pleasure of various locations in Kitchener over the past two decades … always with free parking (and often near a food source LOL)

A satellite office north of Owen Sound when Susan moved out of the area in 2005.

KITCHENER — King Street (1999- …)

KITCHENER — Frederick Street

KITCHENER — Queen Street

BALMY BEACH — Satellite (2005-2008)

OWEN SOUND — Satellite (2008 to 2012)

Learn more about the Academy Co-Founders:

Niki Klein

Susan Crutcher