Susan Crutcher

Life Empowerment Mentor

“Follow the path

less traveled.”

Susan is an empathic, nurturing, intuitive and compassionate Life Empowerment Mentor with over half a century of teaching and training to draw upon during her sessions. She is widely read, a certified & insured practitioner of well over a dozen holistic modalities and is always upgrading her credentials.

All sessions with Susan are approached from the viewpoint of ‘holistic’ – meaning all facets of you – spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical and their interactions. She weaves concepts of the law of attraction, butterfly effect, epigenetics, neuroplasticity, NLP, quantum and meta-physics into current belief patterns through thought provoking, inspirational and empowering mentoring creating a strategy for you to achieve your fullest potential with purposeful intent.

A life-long learner and voracious reader with a wide array of life experiences, Susan’s “magic power” is her unique perception/perspective of various situations and intuition which help her guide clients on their personal and professional journeys.

Susan is certified as a spiritual counselor; professional coach; money, marketing and soul coach; money breakthrough method coach; sacred money archetypes coach; and professional health and wellness coach.

Either personally or professionally she is, or has been, a member of the Owen Sound Chamber of Commerce, Canadian Council on Holistic Health, Registered Reflexology Council of Ontario, Therapeutic Touch Network of Ontario, Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists, Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses, Can-Fit Pro and the Canadian Professional Trainers Network, and past executive member of RRCO. These associations have Codes of Ethics and Standards of Practice by which she is governed. Also, Susan is one of  four founding members of Grey-Bruce Spiritual Network; past-webmaster, newsletter editor and board member of her local ratepayers association; past-Director of the Owen Sound Chapter of Power of Women Exchange (POWE), and a charter member of several associations including the International Association of Women In Business Coaching and the International Association of Multipreneurs.

She has contributed to three best-selling books, is the creator of several programs including “The Authenticity MAP™” as well as co-founder of the Academy of Holistic Modalities, owner of Bridging Heart and Business, owner/manager of a large wildlife nature reserve; and owner/manager of three short-term rental properties.

At a more personal level, her interests include being outdoors in nature, bird watching, photography, painting, gardening, biking, hiking, baking, gourmet cooking, building websites, investing, reading, camping and travel. She is married to a wonderful, intuitive and ambitious husband. With children and grandchildren, they lead a varied and interesting life.

A few of my Mentors

Since my teens, I have invested heavily (financially and time-wise) in bettering myself personally and professionally starting with setting aside 5% of my income dedicated to that purpose. Many thought it strange, however, I always felt it was worth the effort!
Below are only three of the many Mentors I have studied with over the decades.

Kendall Summerhawk

Kendall Summerhawk

Money Mindset Certifications since 2008

Suzanne Evans

Suzanne Evans

Business (here with Larry Winget)



on stage at a Kendall event

“WOW, and I will say again WOW… what amazing enlightenment for me 💖 Susan! Happy New Year to us both for this baby step. I must say hearing you talk is beautiful, you have such a calming voice and yet instructive. I understood all of the reading and connected with each. The avoidance dance perfect 👍 and heart and throat. I am being once again pushed and this has confirmed areas of my life where events will be difficult throat and heart rewarding. I look forward to connecting with you again Susan to see the guided pathway of my soul! Bang on!
— Patricia Schell

One of my favourite testimonials relative toScientific Hand Analysis