Aries – Be prudent, don’t try to do new things, stay with your routine, Aries is the 12 house of the new moon, and for this month will bring to you some unexpected expenses, Saturn is doing an aspect to this Venus there, then be careful with money and love, relationships treat with care. Think before acting.

Taurus – Lot of things are going on here, Mercury/Retro for some days, People in general are supporting governments. Some difficulty in relation to work or jobs … if you are looking for a job, wait until next month. You have choices in front of you, take your time. Don’t be in a hurry especially in relation to money.

Gemini – Mercury is changing direction, probably you too, whatever was in your plan last month, change up, don’t do it, take the time and focus in creativity, try new ideas, meet new people, things will improving for you after the June 19 when Venus will be in this signs, you will feel much better.

Cancer – Good time for you, Jupiter is in force, whatever your situation is, starts to go better with a solution, maybe it is not the perfect solution, but you have a full support coming to you. You did the work and now you can sleep and see the fruits of your work.

Leo – You are having projects, but I think it will be better to stay quiet at least a while, Saturn is in opposition to Aquarius, what is in front of you, the other or others are stronger than you, then be cautious or careful whatever you are trying to change. Closing some situations or problems you had this last 2-1/2 years will help you a lot.

Virgo – Probably will be a good month, ME in Taurus, don’t listen to the news, they are not going to show what is really happening now. Try to organize your life better. A lot of habits need to go away. Creativity and new ideas. July will be a good month and August you receive the help you need to put your ideas in practice.

Libra – Ready to start a new cycle, don’t forget to finish what you have in your hands first, good time for you at work, it seems calm and does not change. Everything is happening outside of you, a lot of chaos around you, don’t interfere with other people or situations, stay away from problems at work or co-workers, family, friends, they don’t touch you.

Scorpio – if you feel low energies don’t worry, too much activity these last weeks. Next month, Mars will be in his Aries, sign very powerful energies, be prepared for a lot of new things, control your ideas and all kinds of communications, be careful what you talk or write, careful with Allergies, eat fresh vegetables, go outside in Nature the most you can to charge your batteries.

Sagittarius – good news, life starts to move, enjoy life, trips, go somewhere, a lot of new projects, study all the possibilities but wait until the June 20 to put your ideas in practice. Ask the advice of old friends before. Don’t be in a hurry. Take time to relax, go for walks, practice meditation and yoga, tai chi or similar, whatever puts calm in your life.

Capricorn – Life is improving after this past 2-1/2 years, but you will be really free in October. Don’t panic, and think very calmly about the solutions, it will be a very slow recuperation, but you will be fine. It is good time to look for a Job that will give you some money. Look at the way you can use what you know, look at your background, don’t look for NEW, the solution is in relation with your past. Everything you can find, you did in your past, or people you meet, will be perfect.

Aquarius – something very heavy is going to go from your life. Finally, time is here, be careful how you spend your money and your time, you will find new ways to solve the problems you had this last 2-3 years. Talk with your family, it seems they have some solutions at this moment but wait one more month to work with money and put the solution in practice.Pisces – Take advantage of this time, Jupiter the help, you are going great, but be careful, you have the risk to  put more weight on, start to do exercise, physical exercise is going to improve your mood, people don’t need to know you are not happy. Be nice with people around, smile, put a smile on your face and keep your thoughts to you, nobody needs to know your frustrations. If you make an effort, your life will be much better, happiness is up to you.

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