by Niki Klein

Every start of a new year brings with it a push for extra movement, be your better self, create new resolutions, start something new and so on.

Today, I am suggesting you give yourself a break. And yes, I mean it!

Have you been running yourself ragged for at least the last month if not longer? Are you waiting to go back to your work, to have a break? To get back on a schedule?

My recommendation is that you pause, take a breath and let January be a time for you as much as you possibly can. This time for you may include epsom salt baths where you lock the door; tell the kids they can only interrupt if the house is on fire and enjoy your time with yourself. If you need to put a sign on the door, do it! I say take 20 minutes with a book or non-breakable glass of wine or some music OR all of it.

Also, find a way to spend some time with your besties this month. Alcohol not necessary. Read the same book(s) and share your thoughts. Take a pottery class together. Go on a walk together. Check out the local art gallery or museum.

With our work, travels, kids/grands, spouses our friends often take a back seat – forgetting that they really can be a life line.  
If you can’t physically meet, use Skype; it’s free; and so much better then texting or the phone. There are absolute times we need to see each other; to be in the sharing energy!

Sending you peace, love and blessings as we once again turn a page. Be kind to yourself. Remember, we can’t help anyone else if we don’t first help ourselves.