New Moon was October 25, 2022

November 8th, 2022 will be a Partial Lunar Eclipse, at the same time that the Full Moon and At 21* Aries sidereal.

Will be possible to see it, at the half West of Canada, the East part of Russia and north of Pacific Ocean.

Jupiter become direct, the November 23rd, at 4*37’ Pisces. And this is a good new for all of us.

The 17th, Sun is going to Scorpio, the 14th Mercury and the 12th Venus going to Scorpio as well.

Horoscopes November 2022

Aries – Lot of movement in relation with the past, Family situations, check your health and money problems, the best will be if you clarified and organize the emotional relationship with the people around you. Life is changing and you need to adapt.

Taurus – Your finances are going better but you need to fight for it. Documents and authorizations in relation with your health, important choices in relation with Future. Careful with communications, conversation, arguments, delays. Think before to talk.

Geminis – Mars/Mercury in square, if you need to do a contracts, write papers, or sign something, be diplomatic and wait. Aggressivity is not going to help you, stay calm, wait, after one week, everything will be fine. Specially at work or family.

Cancer – If you need to take a resolution in relation with your future, wait after the moon pass over Saturn, 10 days or so, if you are in a hurry or decide before one week, you will be blocked and will be necessary to come back. Your Mind is not clear.

Leo – Be ready for some surprises around the 15-16 November, positive and agreeable, specially if you are in a relationship. At the same time, will be some people coming back from the past to your actual life, someone you meet at the school maybe?

Virgo – Mercury/Mars in square, violence in the Air, stay away of differences, specially in relation with professional, and especially for around the 1st to 10th of the month, be careful if you are driving a car or with metal instruments.

Libra – its seam is a good time for you, away from home, be patient, lot of work, don’t be in a hurry can give some mistakes. After the middle of the month things are going to improve, many actual situations will find the solution without your help.

Scorpio – Some changes and choices, be careful what you write, say or all type of messages at list for 10 days or so, after planets change sign and everything will be calmer. Some surprises at the work level, but you will find the perfect solution.

Sagittarius –propositions to change or move, probably more information to learn, more mental work and some travel in relation with your future and your past, your family and friends, people and ideas coming to your present life.

Capricorn – Saturn in the last degrees, do planning, organize, lot of changes are coming to your life, after this 2 and more years waiting, change at work, Path, Mind, you will feel more free, but is not finished yet, until end of January 2023.

Aquarius – Doubts in relation with your direction with creativity, you feel as a Child, wait to the next month, after Dec 7th you will receive help, look for some sign, a book, the internet, a friend, is going to be more easy and clear than you think.

Pisces – Soon you are going to pass to the action, long time waiting to do it, you are important, improve yourself, your physic, weight, your life, your look, finally you need to take care of what you want, like and do it, not fear. This is your time.

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