Situation for this month

Mercury turns direct in Virgo                  October 2, 2022

Pluto turns Retrograde in Capricorn        October 7, 2022

Mars Transit in Gemini                          October 16, 2022

Sun transit in Libra                                October 17, 2022

Venus transit in Libra                             October 18, 2022

Saturn turns direct in Capricorn              October 23, 2022

Mercury transit in Libra                          October 26, 2022

Uranus 24* Aries/R

Neptune 29* Aquarius/R

Ascendent Gemini, ruler Mercury

Solar Partial Eclipse on 7*22 Libra, October 25, 2022, at 5,30 am for Ontario.

Sun change signs the Oct 17, from Mercury rules to Venus, this month, the conversation will be about money, food, gas and economy, and elections.



Disconnect from your mind and connect with your inner spirit, let your emotions be driven by your truth: What lies within your heart? What do you desire? Focus on what is in your soul at the moment You need to start living and thinking in relation to the best ways to be Yourself. Abandoning your fears will prove to be a new adventure for you in the weeks ahead — but only if you let yourself be.


You’re at a crossroads this month which can feel like a boulder in your way. The more you analyze situations and relationships, the harder it will be to understand them clearly. The truth is that your mind and heart need a break from trying to figure out the motives of others. Taking a step away from matters will give you the perspective you need and allow you to see things differently.


You’ve been turning your head away from your own problems for quite some time, resulting in you focusing on others instead of your own relationships. Before you cast judgement on friends and family, you should figure out your own circumstances and find resolve with them. The more you step away from pride and resentment — the better. Learn to appreciate those offering love who surround you.


There’s a lot happening here. Emotional fears can feel blocked through egotistical characters who try to put your attention away from the main issues. These are moments to proceed with caution and be reminded that others are coming from your past. Arguments are highly possible — both on a personal scale and at work What is reflected in the outside world is also turned within. It is imperative to take extreme self-care measures.


Strong emotions are plausible as the cosmos open up the need for immediate expression. There is so much to discuss, but do your really have the time to address it all in one sitting? Conflicts are at least out in the open which is half the battle. Not everything will be able to come to a resolution right away. Getting everyone to comply is only one piece to this very intricate puzzle.


Making tough decisions and committing to personal change is never easy and can require a lot of your blood, sweat, and tears — more than you would care to admit. However, this month brings you more than enough steady ground for extremely successful outcomes. Personal growth might just happen overnight and you have to allow yourself to receive the gifts with an open heart be more caring on a soul level.


Playing by the rules has certainly affected your confidence. While you’ve been doing the right thing and honoring ethics, you’ve noticed those who take the easy path and side step are becoming more successful than you, at a rampant pace. Although it may seem to appear differently, it is not. Believe in yourself more. Trust your artistry.


The lessons of abundance and prosperity haven’t come easy, but very much pay off through the rewards of dedication. As a spiritually connected person, you can manifest anything you desire as long as you wish to will it into existence. There is a strong sense of gratitude that is coming your way this month, due to the culmination of your own personal wisdom that has driven you to this chance for new beginnings, which will add more pep to your step.

Sagittarius better tomorrow.

There are multiple layers to this complex scenario. There can be a touch-and-go aspect as many are burning the candle at both ends these days. There are so many creative solutions it can be difficult to decide where to even begin! Sudden events might be the trigger for your need to tackle this situation and that may not necessarily be a bad thing.


Structures that no longer serve the masses will ultimately crumble. There is a possibility for lot of people movement pushing to change and sudden actions. Be open to many surprises on all fronts. The easy aspect is finally receiving that loan or payout you’ve been waiting on. Big important changes are coming to your life and the life of others many persons — one of them could be you.


The month ahead can be a great time to reassess your financial circumstances by being extremely honest about your spending habits. Remember that there is an ebb and flow to everything in life — even your money situation. October 22’s Venus conj. With Sun in Libra will give you an opportunity to save and focus on your investments, as well as providing specific insights to your long-term spending.


Your inner views are shifting, which are serving your transformational and transcendent needs. You have no space in your heart for conniving people. Rather than arguing with others, you’re taking the high road. No more theatrical confrontations. If people is negative, let them. You don’t have time or space in your life for that energy anymore. Focus on yourself in the weeks ahead, not others.

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