How to charge more for your services

One of the key ways to start charging more for your services is to shift out of the mindset of charging on a “per hour basis” for your services.  How do you do that? It’s partially a matter of terminology – focus on the results your offer your clients in each session or package. Value for investment is absolutely key.

As long as you are stuck in the mentality of earning money based on the amount of time involved you will never be able to fully express or share the true value of what it is you have to offer your clients.  And, that is a sad situation – for you and your potential clients.

When you list your services similar to this:

60 minute session $125

90 minute session $175

your potential clients research and compare your session times and pricing with other providers in the area.

They do not look at your credentials, your inclusions, your unique capabilities or your success track record. They simply compare apples to apples and they (usually) buy the least expensive apple which may, or may not, be you.


Plus, why does the price per hour decrease in a longer session?

Why is the work you do somehow less valuable when you spend more time with your client?

I have never understand this concept!

You could do this comparison yourself and then price yourself near the top of the market. This is what most smart service providers have done in the past. And, it does work to some degree.

However, if you really want to attract clients, you want to draw them to you in other ways than simple price and/or time comparison.

Make your product an orange or a starfruit not an apple – be different. They will have nothing to compare to and will have to decide whether or not to work with you based on the value of what you offer for whatever investment point you decide.

So, how do you start?

We’ll go into that over the next few posts with a couple of exercises to elicit what it is of value that you offer to your clients and how do you articulate that value.

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Written by SUSAN CRUTCHER, Life Empowerment Mentor