This information is to help you understand how Jupiter is going to affect you for all this year until April 2023. This information will be valuable for ALL this YEAR since April 2022 to April 2023.

Aries – Jupiter is in Pisces, Aries 12 House, will give opportunities to find solutions to your worries, good changes, happiness, help if you take risks, travel, improving the relation with your father,

Taurus – Jupiter in the 11 House, Friends, Future possibilities, everything is improving this year, the best period When Venus will be in Taurus from June 19 to July 13 and in Libra from October 20 to November 11.

Gemini – Careful with expansion, too much movement, talking, stress, Mercury will be retrograde again (from May 10 to June 2 and will be again from September 10 to October 2nd) from August 21 Mercury will be opposite to Jupiter, to 26 October.

Cancer– Very good time for you, Jupiter support and help you, from the 9th House, you will find all the solutions, very happy period especially at the level of Spirituality or travel, Positive changes, be happy, is your year. You will be going at high speed to higher destiny. Take advantage.

Leo – Too much for you, from 8th house, house of transformation and changes. Take care of your health, well-being, heart, change your routine, nutrition and exercise, really, take a serious look to your health and life in general. Look for the best to do to improve your life.

Virgo – don’t wait for help, Jupiter in opposition, you need to do it by yourself. Whatever you would like to do it, you have Mercury your own communication as help, Lot of things will be happening in front of you, remember you are not in control, Difficult times August 21 to October 26.

Libra – Careful this year with Health, clean your body, your Liver is tired, look your work, probably is too much, try to relax and take everything in a simpler way, go to the Dr. for a check-up, especially end of July until 25 August, Protect yourself from Feelings and too much activity.

Scorpio – Jupiter in trine, good time, happiness, Jupiter in 5th house creativity, new things coming to your life, you feel very young what your age, you look life with the eyes of a child, enjoy, lot of love around you, enjoy, relax, everything is ok. Lot of Emotions too, live in the present.

Sagittarius – this Jupiter is bringing your personal past to you, situation happen many years ago, impossible to change, probably you feel free of the guilty feeling, your roots, your mother, your family, doing the balance of your life. Many things are coming to you. You feel overwhelming.

Capricorn – Jupiter in your 3rd house, movement, lot of stress, expansion in communications, people, moving, change circle of people, habits. In relation with Saturn in your 2nd house all this year, careful with your investments, that is money or people, 

Aquarius, expansion, 2nd house, careful don’t put weight on, analyse and try to control your money in and out, exchange between what come to you and what need to go out, objects or people and moving around you.

Pisces, ok, you have the Neptune and Jupiter with you all the year, you have the risks to be in a world of illusions and don’t be in the reality, if you use this Neptune for creativity, spirituality, the positive way, will be perfect, the negative side is to start with habits as alcohol or drugs or medicine.

NOTE: The above information is only as entertainment and not to be construed as medicine or in place of medical assistance or advice.

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