New Moon = 30 May 2022, at 6.20.19 am for Ontario

Strong Planets all month of June:  Jupiter 9 degrees Pisces, Neptune 1* Pisces, Saturn 1* Aquarius.

Mercury becomes direct June 3and Saturn is going retrograde to Capricorn June 4until October 23. Neptune becomes retrograde June 28 until Dec 5, 2022.

Things happen every time a planet is Stationary, when it stops before changing direction.  Then Mercury in relation with News, Saturn in relation with Karma, Neptune in relation with drugs or illusions or lies, are going to change direction, be aware …

Mars, the planet of violence and war will be with Jupiter today, May 30, be careful at your level with this aggressive configuration

Venus is in Aries, lord Mars, the economy, the Mondial (of or involving a large part of the world) economy will be very aggressive this month, prices will be going higher. Maybe they are going to stabilize after the middle of June when Venus will be in Taurus, following peoples’ reactions/complaints, around the end of June. A crazy time for the Stock Market.

We are under the influence of the Last Lunar Eclipse, which happened on May 16 of 2022, for at least some months. Feelings, Women, people in general. Emotions are going to improve little by little. The Moon was in Scorpio, water sign, having trine relation with Jupiter and Neptune in the Pisces sign, who give more sensibility to us.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, which tells us, many things in body, mind, spirit and soul, are going to be finished. Probably is going to give to all of us a new step up in relation with the Universe, the Universal Laws and Spirituality. I think all of us we are going to another level more in a personal, spiritual relationship with God. Whatever is this, is showing us a real transformation, especially what is touching women, families, routines.

For people in general: People are changing the way we see life, not only here but in other countries of the world as well.

At the same time that this New Moon happens, Mars, the planet of violence and war, will be with Jupiter today, May 30, be careful at your level with this aggressive configuration at least for some days, violence is in the air, until around the June 20, especially from the June 4 or until the June 10, very violent, with Mars in Saturn nakshatra and in the Pada of Mars. In eastern astrology Saturn and Mars are enemies, they will not be easy for everybody. I would like to give you better news but the transformation is always coming with pain, our personal transformation and for the countries. If we want to have peace we need to practice and follow the Universal eternal Laws and Values.

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