by NORAH NASTURAS, Professional Astrologist

Personal influence for Everyone, from the SOLAR ECLIPSE Oct 14, 2023. 

Next 5 months Validity. KEEP handy and USE THIS INFORMATION.

Solar ANNULAR Eclipse at 25* 56’ Virgo (Vedic sideral) or Western at 21* 5’ Libra (Tropical)

This is NOT my monthly horoscope, but how will be the influence of this Eclipse at the personal level.

Or if you prefer how this solar eclipse is going to affect you, KEEP this information because the effect will be between one to six months as always that a Solar eclipse touch important points in the chart as the Sun = physic, Moon = feelings and psychic, or Ascendent = personality.

This eclipse is going to happen for us (Canada) at 26 degrees Virgo, Chitra Nakshatra ruled by Mars. What is the significance? Whatever planet you have in whatever sign at 26*28’5’’ degrees Virgo (sidereal) or 21*5’17” degrees Libra (Western chart) by 30*. 60*. 90*, 45*, 180* relationship or so, from this, will be affected in the specific nature of the planet, and in relation the specific sign and house.

And remember that Eclipse meaning is going away …. Then, something is going away from your life, if is Venus will be in relation with money or love, if is Jupiter will be help, or knowledge, if the Sun will be in relation with your physic/health/father, in relation with the 2nd House will be family, food, if with the 7th will be all kind of associations, marriage, the 2nd child, etc.

Canada has at 24*Taurus Venus, Mrigashira. Naksh. Economy is improving, and 25* Saturn Libra/Visa Nak. Venus too, Karmic signification and Rahu Leo and Ketu in Aquarius, (where is Saturn now) what make me think in relation with Economy the worst will passed … after Oct/Nov 2023, we need around 2-3 years to be completely over. The government start to take measures some month ago.  The Eclipse is at 26*just passed the Canada Venus degrees.

This Eclipse has in relation with other countries too, not only at the personal level. Don’t forget the shadow will be from Oregon to Texas, diving the country in 2 areas … USA has Saturn at 24*/R, Virgo. We in Canada will feels the countercoups.


Aries – You need to be careful about Your health because worries, frustration, and problems related to the eyes.  Financially, you may have unexpected expenses during this period. worried about some family member’s health, (father?) which may be the reason for your stress, don’t ever think to change your job in this period.  Wait until the spring to look the possibility.

Taurus – Natives need to take care of their physical and emotional health. Don’t make decisions due to stress. Keep track of your expenses, you have very chances of new opportunities, and probably will be a good time to start a business in relation with the knowledge you have. Bad time for moving. Don’t forget to drink lots of water is the best to do for your health.

Gemini – Health will be good, some minor problems related to stress and physical issues, due to family member health issues, you will feel frustrated. Put order in your finances, maybe you need will help with expenses, good time for travel, do not borrow money, ups and down at work, but … do not change your work at this time. Good time to help others.

Cancer – will be progress and wealth gain, avoid disagreements with co-workers, control your anger. Some of the issues regarding property will be solved. You will be able to accomplish whatever improvement you would like to do with your life. Big changes in your career. Put red color around you will help to give you energy in your daily life.

Leo – Not good for health, lot of problems, excessive stress and anger this time, be cautious specially with your stomach. Very bad time for business, you will need to solve some problems coming to the past. Legal issues. Need to change of place or transfer in relation with work. Control your expenses, and remember … you are not going to have the solutions you would like.

Virgo – You are going to have stress, anxiety, Insomnia. You will be not touch for this Eclipse that happens in Virgo but is going to receive the consequences. This activity in the space is going to give you new resolutions. Control your expenses, will be good time for changes and bad time for new ventures, you will be worried about your spouse health, keep some distance with people.

Libra – benefices in investment, confusion in relation with properties. Be careful with some problems with the digestion as stomach/intestine. Some issues are going to be the origin of the feeling that you will lose interest or motivation in you work or maybe a lack or focus or confidence. This Eclipse is going to give you good relationship with family and will awake your interest in spirituality with books or personal contacts.

Scorpio – Cautious before signing any important document, cautious too about expenses, don’t gambling, with money. Very Careful with manipulations about feelings. You will have some disagreements with partners, avoid borrowing money. Will be very difficult time in relation with your short-term projects but very good with Long-term projects, you will have in this 5 months, some loss in relation with female friends or family.

Sagittarius – Good time in relation with health, some ups and downs but finally will be ok, finally you are going to solve the health issues you had in the last times. A new relationship is coming. You will have an increasing in job will give lot of pressure. Avoid the most you can animosity, irritation, or frustration. Be extra cautious when driving, the energies are violent.  Stay away of aggressive people. Don’t be too friendly.

Capricorn – It is not favorable time to do associations, maybe some delay in new projects, don’t sign any document without legal advice. Will be a good time for resolve the past issue of shortage of funds. Lot of changes are coming, will be very good time for job opportunities more in relation with your new personality and more money, probability to find a better new place, and moving.

Aquarius – Health will be ok with relief from some illness you had. Careful don’t exceed the budget. Good relationship with friends. Be very careful In relation with property and take advantage now, the time is favorable to settle the old court case about property. You will become strong in relation with finances, good for investments. 

Pisces – Investment in house, vehicle or decoration home, Chaos with project is never-ending.  Read very well legal documents before to signing. Digestion problems as well, take care of your stomach, or some stress and skin problems, allergies. Be very careful with neighbors or co-worker’s relationships, be careful what you say, listening and don’t talk. Perfect time to improve your religious/philosophical knowledge.

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