AUTHOR: Vanja Banks, Spiritual Astrologer & Healing Guide (Astrobloom)

After an intense Scorpio season, most of us are likely feeling a welcome  and more optimistic shift into Sagittarius energy this last week of November. This energy invites us to get out of our comfort zone and experience more from life, and to see endings as an opportunity for new life & growth. 

As the Sun moves in more harmonious flow to the Lunar Nodes of Fate, our invitation to release people-pleasing tendencies & step into our individual path feels more easeful in some ways.  At the same time, any blocks, limitations or duties that stand in the way of claiming this journey now become evidently uncomfortable, applying the pressure necessary to make the change.

Gemini Full Moon highlights tension between growth & duty

Shortly after the start of Sagittarius season, we experience a Full moon at 4 degrees of Gemini on November 27.  As the luminaries oppose, they mingle with Mars, adding fuel to the fire and drawing attention to how our daily thoughts & words align to the big picture of our lives. With the expansive energy of Sagittarius beckoning us into the unknown, while Saturn & Lilith form a tense aspect to the lunation, we may feel confronted with the struggle between leaping forward with courage and the responsibilities we currently have. Those with placements around 0-10 degrees of mutable signs (Virgo, Pisces, Sagittarius, and Gemini) will be most affected by this energy.

Sagittarius New Moon beckons us into the uncharted

As the season closes in, we experience a Sagittarius New Moon conjunct Mars at 20 degrees on Dec 12. This energy helps us embrace the truth of our Higher Self. Consider this an initiation into aligning yourself to your version of an authentic life. As New Moons are a time to unearth the subconscious programs that are not serving our most authentic Self, at this time, it will be important to consider what beliefs keep you stuck in the zone of comfort, afraid to take a leap of faith in alignment with your personal truth. As the lunation makes a harmonious aspect to the North Node in Aries, we may experience fated opportunities that allow us to move forward.

Mercury retrograde reshapes our beliefs & contributions 

Just as the New Moon peaks, Mercury stations retrograde in Capricorn, asking us to reassess the impact we want to have on society, and whether certain systems in our lives are set up to deliver this impact.  As Mercury moves further back through Sagittarius on Dec 23, it’ll have us revisiting our connection between our conscious & higher mind, and asking us to reshape our beliefs to align with the reality we are calling in.

Saturn & Neptune shine a light on self-sabotaging patterns

Throughout Sagittarius season, difficult energies from Saturn & Neptune may illuminate ways we forsake our authenticity or omit speaking our truth out of a fear of inflicting pain or engaging in conflict.  With all the fire in the sky, it would be a good time to lean into the courage necessary to speak our truth with compassion and care and try to surrender to trusting the truth of our Higher Self through our faith.  Ways to embody this courage include working with fire – through dance, movement, working on passion projects, having bonfires, working with warming spices and foods such as nettles, cinnamon, hot peppers, and having difficult but honest conversations.

Capricorn season calls us to our light & purpose

As the Sun enters Capricorn on the Winter Solstice (Dec 21), we are invited to shine a light on the ways through which we can bring our most authentic contributions to how we show up in the world. As we celebrate the slow return of the Sun’s energy on Yule, we are encouraged to focus on what makes our inner light shine out into the world, and to release everything that dims it.

Cancer Full Moon calls for healing childhood wounds

On December 26, we experience a Full Moon at 4 degrees Cancer, just as Chiron in Aries turns direct.  At this time, we learn to find the balance between our own inner child & parent archetypes in order to alchemize our pain into purpose.  Any imbalances between productivity and self-care will be evident at this time, and tensions may rise within family dynamics.  You may want to practice boundary setting around the holidays, as this energy could be triggering for any childhood wounds.  At the same time, this energy is wildly healing, helping you create a strong sense of security & purpose within.

Jupiter delivers fruits of labour since September

As we close out 2023, Jupiter stations direct in Taurus, bringing into manifest reality all of the personal growth you have been undertaking to align yourself to your true values since September.  With Jupiter finishing the year in forward momentum in a positive aspect to the Sun, the fruits of your labour may show themselves as opportunities for career growth or financial gains.

About the author:

Vanja Banks (Astrobloom) is a Trauma-Informed Spiritual Astrologer, Reiki (Level 2) Practitioner, 200hr Yoga Teacher, and Herbalist living in Guelph, ON.  She firmly believes that everything is energy. Having grown up in war-torn Yugoslavia and immigrating to Canada at the age of 10, Vanja grew up with a lot of beliefs around success & security that were not her own, and suffered from somatic impacts of trauma for years. As a result, her path, led by plants, planets & embodiment, has been one of unlearning and holistic healing to find her way back to her authenticity and her power.​

Vanja applies her years of learned experience & wisdom to promote holistic healing by helping others cultivate a deep connection to their authentic Self.  As a generational cycle breaker and teacher, she works intimately with clients & shares her wisdom through courses to help them reclaim lost parts of themselves, heal trauma, step into their power, and courageously follow their own path, free of societal conditioning and familial patterns.

Learn astrology with Vanja through her new self-study course, Lunar Astrology Foundations to help you feel empowered by the cosmos and bring astrology down to earth.