What is the First Thing to do?

If you’re like me, you tend to make plans and watch life take over and get in the way of your best intentions. There is a Yiddish saying: ‘(Hu)man makes plans and God laughs.’

As Creatives, we tend to take issue with being ordered around, kept to schedules and told to stay ‘within the lines’.  Yeah, I know – and what have I learned over the last 15 plus years (+ a lifetime)?  While focus, time management and organization can get in our way and sometime stifle our creativity, they are really important qualities that when worked on, are incredibly important to our success with our families, businesses and lives.  And yes, I know – there are many of you who have always known this – I have heard it, known it, just been challenged to follow through…….. J

We have so much spinning around in our brains; we love the idea of ‘having a plan’, yet struggle with getting it down on paper in a cohesive way. The Planning Process can be so overwhelming and when we do set up our quarterly or yearly plan, it still doesn’t answer the question: What is the First Thing to do?


You have most likely been receiving tips, lists, hints and updates; a new school year is beginning AND: Yikes!!

Here are a few tips of mine, most specifically for those who are thinking of a side hustle, and/or continuing one:

TIP #1
Embrace Your Feminine AND Masculine Strengths in Your Life Design

The Divine Feminine is full of creativity, inspiration and ideas which need to be directed lest it gets diluted. It needs the addition of the Masculine, which loves to implement, to set your ideas in motion. (yin/yang; sun/moon; balance is so important)

Take your ideas and list what you want to accomplish, giving them a time line. I know you will have more ideas than time. If you would like assistance in this process, don’t hesitate to let me know. What’s Your Vision?

TIP #2
Don’t Make This Mistake When Setting Your Income Goal

Do you have the tools and knowledge to help you set your income goal for the year?

Do not allow fear and scarcity to take over your thinking. It is about growing – whether your side hustle, business or your family income. This past 8 months’ income represents the past – old thinking, mindset, beliefs and values. Set your new goal looking ahead: think bigger and choose to step into the goal.

TIP #3
Design Your Plan Focused on Your “Calling”

Ever since you were a kid, there was something you knew about yourself; a ‘something’ that made you behave like the ‘Energizer Bunny’ whenever you were in the zone. This was something you always knew about yourself, and continue whether you lived it, or not. It was the ‘thing’ that energized you! You loved it! What you knew/know about yourself that stokes your fire!

For me, I knew I was a teacher. It was a focus from as young as I can remember. To be a teacher and help others to be and do their best, that was my calling. My parents didn’t get it; school systems didn’t get it, nor encouraged it in/for me. It was everything BUT supported throughout my life until I finally reached my limit of being pushed in to other roles. (Another story for another time)

Our masculine side tells us to ‘be real and practical’, which is always needed. However, if we live with the practical all the time, we miss out on our inspired times that move us forward in new and powerful ways.

Listen to your inner voice! Communication will improve, assist you in finding your ideal relationship, improve your current relationships and empower you without sacrificing your ethics.

Clear and connected to your calling, your Divine Purpose will shine.

As a Creative, I know that I tend to complicate things; this may be a challenge for all of us.

Please work on keeping things simple. This will show up in your energy and your actions in a most positive way.