Almost everyone could use a little more physical activity in their lives: particularly those who are interested in a lasting weight loss strategy.

One of the key elements to losing weight is to increase muscle.

The reasoning behind this is simple: muscle burns more calories than fat. 

Therefore, it stands to reason, even if you did not change your eating habits dramatically but did increase your muscle mass, you would begin to lose weight. 

Imagine if you combined the two how much more effective both would be toward your overall goals. 

We’ve spent last week working on baby steps to healthier eating.

THIS WEEK: baby steps to personal training.  BONUS: it doesn’t cost $60 (or more) an hour

If you were in my studio we would complete a health and physical assessment, determine your goals, capabilities, time allotments, interest level, equipment available and much more before delving into a ‘fitness program’ geared specifically to you.  As we do not have that luxury here, we will start with very simple, easy to incorporate, physical activities.  These will, over time, increase your muscle mass and your cardiovascular capabilities.  Overall, it means that your body will work more efficiently and be healthier.


Increase the amount of walking you do in the day 

  • If you drive, park your car one row further away from the door at work, at the mall, when grocery shopping
  • Take at least one flight of stairs instead of the elevator (you can start by just taking stairs down as it is much easier than going up) whenever the opportunity presents itself
  • Go for a 5 minute walk – anywhere, any time during the day.  5 sequential minutes please.  You can do it.  I’m not asking you for an hour or even 15 minutes … just 5 minutes.

I know there are some out there who are already very physically fit … for you, step it up a notch (just a little notch).  Do one more pushup, run 1 more minute, hold the pushup at the bottom of the move instead of the top…

Written by SUSAN CRUTCHER, Life Empowerment Mentor