This month we have lot of movement between the Planets.

In astrology what made changes in our lives is not only the change of Planets in Signs, but the change of Planets’ rulership.

The most important that touch everybody are the Nodes: the North in Aries and the south in Scorpio, this karmic axe, is the Kala Sarpa Yoga which divide the zodiac in 2 semi-spheres. All the planets are inside of this axe, there is not planets in Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo and almost all Libra until 28*degrees sidereal zodiac. No, this part of the zodiac it is not empty because the action is always in relation where the planets are and what planet is the ruler of what. If you have the SUN, the MOON or the Ascendent in some degrees in relation with the actual position of planets in transit you will feel the action in full.

Is always good to know where this point is, you can always ask me.

April 15 – Sun is going to Aries, is the New Year for different countries, one of them is India

April 1 – New Moon in Pisces, the end of a period, Pisces is the last Sign of the Zodiac

Mercury in Aries the April 9 until April 25 who is going to Taurus

Mercury will encounter Uranus the Monday April 18 unexpected news

Venus April 1 to 28 in Aquarius

Venus April 28 in conjunction with Neptune (illusions, mistakes, looses), unsettle the economy, stock market, gas

Mars April 8 in Aquarius

April 5, Mars = war, in conjunction with Saturn (blocking) the 2 malefic together

Jupiter April 15 in Pisces who is the ruler

April 12 Jupiter conj. with Neptune, the economy unsettled, good for spirituality. Very strong conjunction, bad for money

Saturn April 30 go in Aquarius, but all month of April in Capricorn, always very strong

Neptune April 20 to Pisces who is the ruler. Water, flood, rain and more water

Pluto at 4* Capricorn, doing transformation to all planets at 4 degrees in other signs

Node North in Aries since March 16. Future under Mars influence