To get the most benefit, we need to complete another exercise entitled:


The exercise is designed to help you uncover ALL of the ways your clients’ lives are impacted by NOT working together with you – the negative impact of not getting the help they need.

This exercise will give you tremendous leverage to use in your advertising and promotion as well as increase the value of what you offer and your self-confidence in offering it. 

We’ll repeat the same drawing from April 6 … on a piece of paper, draw a small circle (about 2-3” across) in the middle of the page. Then, draw a ring around that circle about ½” further out; draw another ring another ½” out and draw two more rings. The overall look should vaguely resemble a target.

Now, label the ‘rings’ starting in the inner-most circle with the word: RESULTS

The first ‘ring’ label: FINANCES/MONEY

The second ‘ring’ label: HEALTH/WELL-BEING

The third ‘ring’ label: FAMILY/RELATIONSHIPS

The outside ‘ring’ label: FUTURE/POTENTIAL

In the ‘RESULTS’ circle, begin by brainstorming a list 2 or 3 obvious RESULTS your clients stand to lose by not solving their problem. Be specific.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll continue with each ring until we have the exercise completed so keep your paper somewhere handy for next Tuesday.