Did you know? These common and pesky critters have natural aversions to specific plants. Match the insect with the plant that naturally repels them. To check your answers, identify insects and plants and learn more about how to utilize the plants SEE ANSWERS BELOW

Cockroach = Catnip
Ants = Cucumber Peels
Flies = Mint*

For Catnip and Mint, make your own SACHETS with dried, crushed herbs. Sachets can easily be made with cheesecloth, cut up J-Cloths or small clean rags.

Small squares of cheesecloth, filled with dried herbs and tied with kitchen string

CATNIP is a natural repellent to cockroaches. Leave small sachets in areas infested with cockroaches.

FLIES HATE THE SMELL OF MINT*. Place small sachets of crushed mint* around your home to discourage flies.

ANTS have a natural aversion to cucumbers. Place some slices or peels where you have an ant problem.

Do NOT plant mint directly in a garden or flowerbed. It will very quickly take over. When planting in a pot, do not set pot directly in, or near, soil. Roots will crawl out, spread and take over. Experience speaking here!