by NORAH NASTURAS, Professional Astrologist

Important movement this month:

  • Mercury/Mars opposite to Saturn. Aggressivity is here and presents Mercury all month in opposition to what will give discussions, manipulations, lies until the end of September.
  • August 1 st  in Capricorn at 14° The 1st Full Moon, and the 2 nd  full Moon on August 31 2023 at 12° Aquarius were in almost the same degrees as Saturn/Retrograde.
  • Venus retrogrades at 27° Leo, August 24 until September 4 th 2023.
  • Uranus retrograde at 28° Aries on August 29, until January 27, 2024, at 24° Aries.
  • Looking how were the last months of this year I will say that August will be a quiet month. We need to take time to relax, organize and plan for the changes in the coming months. We need to accept the changes that happen and try new ways to solve our personal problems. Life is changing and the Past is not to come back and we need to accept this and adapt.
  • Things are not easy, but we don’t have another possibility that follows. September will be a lot of activity and a lot of changes in relation with government, religions, Health, inventions, and surprises.
  • October will be much more interesting with two important eclipses, the 14 October Solar Eclipse. Very important!!! The Shadow is going to traverse USA from Oregon to Texas, from the Pacific to the Atlantic, dividing the country in two parts
  • and finally, October 28 a New Moon and a Partial Moon Eclipse and Remember, everything that happens with the Moon touch the General PEOPLE = we/us. The everyday life, our routine. This Lunar eclipse will be very important for all of us, especially in these regions.

Horoscopes for August 2023

Aries – careful with your actions. At this moment there are no solutions. Follow the routine. Don’t start

anything new, is not going to happen. Ask for help, is your only possibility to have something done.

Careful the relationship with family. Do not go to discussions. Lots of sensibility at this moment.

Taurus – Venus retrograde will bring to you new opportunities for professional growth. Be open to new

ideas and suggestions that will help you succeed. Your health requires respect, so don’t forget about a

healthy diet and regular physical activity. Do not be afraid, change is coming.

Gemini – will be a time of change. You will rethink your goals and priorities, and you may have to make

important decisions. Take your time and think about your priorities first and your future after. Take care

of your health and mental well-being, take time to rest and relax.

Cancer – You will feel more energy and optimism. This month will be favorable for starting new projects

or returning to old ones that have been postponed. Take care of your health, something needs to be

fixed. And this is the perfect time too, to start a new exercise regimen or diet.

Leo – You will be full of energy and activity. But you will have a lot of oppositions. Personal relationships

can bring unexpected surprises. Lots of ups and downs this month. Be careful with your actions and

communications (talking) Can turn to your disadvantage. Don’t fight.

Virgo – August will bring you a time of hard work and responsibility, with organizing and cleaning out of

your life what you don’t need. Do not worry, your efforts will bring you the desired results. You will feel

Free. Remember that your food/health, too, needs new organization.

Libra – you will receive very positive offers in relation to your job, which will bring more money too.

Probably you were waiting for this. Then do not worry is going to happen. You will receive help from

friends in other issues. Whatever you need please ask for help; don’t be shy.

Scorpio – This month you will have the opportunity to make significant changes in your life. You will feel

more confident, which will help you make important decisions. Try to take more time for yourself and

relax. Don’t take too many things in your hands, be careful the day has only 24 hrs.

Sagittarius – Take care with your health, you need to rest and take time for yourself, the next weeks will be full of activity, is a good time to think of new projects, but it is too early to put it into practice. Organize your life, your priorities, and take your personal clutter out.

Capricorn – August for you will give you a sense of stability and order. Your efforts in work and personal

life will begin to bear fruit. There will be an opportunity to find solutions that have been put off for a

long time. Don’t let this opportunity pass. Be open to new ideas.

Aquarius – You will have very important discoveries about yourself and new ideas. This time will be

favorable for learning and deepening your knowledge. Try to have information about things you never

did. At the same time be more active in recreation and watch your regimen.

Pisces – During this period, you will have the opportunity to think again about your goals, aspirations,

and future. Your intuition will be especially strong, then don’t wait and follow it. Taking care of your

health and trying to improve, looking at your weight/diet, is a long time you are postponing it.