by Norah Nasturas


Mercury Retrograde since Dec 30, 2022, to January 18, 2023.

Mars Retro 24* 12 Taurus until January 11th, 2023. At 13* 57.

Neptune become direct 28* 28’ Aquarius the Dec 4th, 2022

Moon North Node 19* 10 ‘Aries to 17* 43’ Aries – Bharani Nakshatra ruled by Venus.

Venus is the planet of the month with all his combinations, Square Saturn, Trine Neptune, opposite Mars, combust with Sun, etc. In general, it is a normal month without surprises, only a lot of activity the last 5 days of the month after Christmas.

 At the emotional level lot of up and downs for everybody in relation with the prices and the economy, we are going to have some  bad surprises at list for some months until spring, then, will be for everybody difficult with emotional or financial situations until spring.

I know it is the Holiday Season but try to be careful with spending, make your counts first. December 23 the New Moon, will bring for everybody situations in relation with the past, for this kind of situation,  we need to find a personal solution In relation with a personal Moon in our chart, try to stop or to finish problems in the way we are not take

this situation with us to the future.

Mars will produce some activity in relation to metal or mental stress, cars, accidents, or fires at the time Mars will be stationary about Dec 30, be very careful If you are driving or with fire or using dangerous products.

 At the level of feelings, be careful not to ignite emotions in other people…..Everybody is having a lot of stress and nervousness.

In relation to the Jupiter position in your personal chart and the planets that Jupiter is touching, can be some relief. It is not a bad month but is not a Good one. In  general, the economy, violence, famine, too much water or not enough, will be the situation for December and the coming months.

We need to be careful with food, fire, aggression, water, feelings, it is a time of transformation and changes, all this in relation with the Ascendent, Sun or Moon in your personal position, but remember everything is going to improve in Spring.


Aries – Mars 24* in Taurus, and Venus 24* in Scorpio, Careful with spending too much, good time to improve spirituality, look what you can  change to have a better life quality, set priorities. Think about what you need to fix in relation to your actions.

Taurus – Venus 24* in between Sun 14* Scorpio and Mercury 27*, start to make plans in relation to the big Transformation, look at your resources and prepare yourself for the big changes that are coming.

Gemini– Everything is in relation with your past, forget and forgive, dong be fix in your personal past, try to move on and look to the future, you Have the possibility to change your future and do the correction of your own mistakes. Don’t be stubborn.  

Cancer – Moon together to Neptune, mirages, illusions, good for creativity, new ideas for work, good intuition, but don’t trust too much your intuition, try to look What you are eating, don’t do excess, will be good idea to go to your doctor for a checkup.

Leo – New opportunities at work, new purpose, and creativity. Good time for investment in relation with finances or better organization in relation with time. Look for new ways to make improvement in your life, take a better look to balance your money.

Virgo – Dealing with your family, good time for meditation and go inside of your own spirituality, do an inside work and the balance. Look at what needs to be changed and what is wrong in your life. If time to make changes and put order in your life,

Libra – Time to learn new things, time to introspect, surrender, accept and transform yourself. Be Careful the last 5 days of the month. Need to better organize your money, too much spending, need to watch your finances.

Scorpio – Think positive, new possibilities In relation with money, new ideas or possibilities in relation with work, Be careful with the relationship with partners and co-workers. Be careful with relationships the last 5 days of December, a lot of stress in the air.

Sagittarius – be careful with your health, need a serious transformation in relation with your habits, possibility to change your look and At the same time how you look will be the reflection of how you feel, as every year is a difficult period for you.

Capricorn – good time for ending, ending projects, ending relationships that don’t work or form your personal past, Finish what you have In your hands, Completion, don’t keep past feelings or issues, please use this time to clean up your life.

Aquarius – Everything is on the home front, your mom’s life and health, your security, new people, and new relations coming to your life, some situations with your family need to be solved now, soon there will be a new life for you, less complicated.

Pisces – Learn new things that will help your life take a new direction, Be aware about the possibility of changes In your career for a better future. Make changes in what is under your control, at the same time let go of what is not useful for you at the moment.