Important movement this month:

Sun is going to Aquarius the Feb 14 at 0* Aquarius

Mercury going to Capricorn Feb 8

Venus going to Pisces Feb 16; Is exalted, very strong and ruler of the February month

Mars in Taurus all month

Jupiter in Pisces all month

Saturn is going to Aquarius for the next 2 ½ years

Finally, January 20: after 2-1/2 years, Saturn is out of Capricorn; Saturn the Karma’s planet “Karma = Everybody receive what they deserve”

Venus = women. After Feb 16, Venus going to Pisces, very strong and very good for all the women. In some eastern countries is a revolution because women right to learn.

Aquarius is the Sign of FREEDOM, but is not anarchy, freedom = independence.
In our country we dress as we want, go out or study or meet with friends, then for us is another kind of freedom, it is more at the mental or spiritual level. We need to fix all the harassment or sexual problems.

January 20, Saturn pass Capricorn where is strong, going to Aquarius, where is sharing the rulership with Uranus = the freedom and humanitarian planet, Politics there are going to change slowly to become more social and less aggressive.
For USA a Cancer country, this happen in opposition and Saturn is going to pass in top of the Moon = People, life is going to become tighter and will give some political problems in March – April. At the same time, will be lot of discovering and advancement in informatics, Aquarius is Space.

At the same time, for Canada the confusion/manipulations/chaos in the other’s countries politic is going to affect us around March 22. Uranus and Saturn give that. For our Country, Saturn Karma will be near Jupiter (in Natal Canada chart Jupiter is in Aquarius) for almost the next 2 years. It will be the worst; will be necessary start to think what is the solution for our own problems of Health, Schools, First Nations, Law and of course politics, before Jupiter will be going to Aries middle April, when Mars is going to act. Mars is going from Taurus = effort to Gemini = doubt. What is going to give lot of conversations, taking decisions, and going back, until finally the government or different authorities take decisions only at the middle of November 2023.
Then remember: prepare yourself, nothing will be moving until end of November, wait for big changes in our country starting end of 2023 in relation with Health, First Nations, schools, learning, Social. Our government is going to realize, finally, what is going on INSIDE of the country, it is OUR problem and NOT as a consequence of what happens in other places in the world.

The Ascendent of the chart is in Libra, ruled by Venus, the conversation this month will be around money, food, and women. Work and Effort. Nature, natural products and sex issues.


Aries – You are looking for the future, full of energy, maybe a change of work, a new direction, a new organization in your life, Give importance everything in relation with family and finances. Wait until March 13, there you will be in a powerful position.

Taurus – Saturn in Aquarius is going to bring you good reward for all the sacrifices you did in the past. Saturn the planet of Karma is going to give you some break, you just pay some of your Karmic debts.

Gemini – Sun in the 9th House, travel, meditation, relax; but careful the weekend 10-11-12, probably will be a last-minute change in your schedule. Mercury-Pluto, I think you are going to have fun or probably meeting a new friend or find some from the past you didn’t see for long.

Cancer – Unexpected changes especially at work, progress in Career. Don’t forget the body, take good care of your body; if the body is not going, nothing is going in life. Relax, take free time for you. Go for walk outside (when weather ok) and take advantage of the Fresh Air.

Leo – the first days of the month will be ok, after the 15 will be more difficult. Organize your life, take out your clutter (physical and morale), do a new schedule. You are overwhelmed, take some time to rest. Do plans for after 16 March, pamper your body. the sun in Aquarius is not for you.

Virgo – Good time for creativity to start to put in practice your ideas before will be too late. Don’t wait. After February 8th Mercury/Saturn is working together. It is a very good combination, put yourself in action, you have the energies for this Hard work, you can do it, NOW.

Libra – After Feb 16, Venus strong, Between 13 to 16 confusion, loss of Money or loss of people. if you are in relationship, someone is going away, will be good for a trip together but if separated will be dangerous. Whatever, dangerous days for Taurus and Libra.

Scorpio – complicated, Mars in Taurus all February: (read Libra sign). Sensitivity at the mental level, illusions are very dangerous. Don’t take ANY important decision this month, take things with a grain of salt. Mars = action and Mercury = logic are not a good combination, wait to May 12th.

Sagittarius – Take advantage to finish what you have in your hands, you have lot of help now. Soon Jupiter will go to Aries and you will need to do the work by yourself.

Capricorn – after these past 2-½ years life was very hard, now Saturn in Aquarius with the help of Uranus you will have surprises and unexpected situations, be careful with money or investments, the Conjunction Venus Neptune is full of illusions and mistakes.

Aquarius – Saturn in Aquarius is going to give you more freedom in your actions, will be possible to put in action what you were planning this 2-½ years, but be very careful, go slow and don’t take risks. After Feb 8th Mercury will come for help you.

Pisces –After the Feb 19, you have Venus, Jupiter and Neptune, the problem are the choices. I know you are looking for a new idea, a new way. Wait until March when the situation will be more clear because Mercury logic will be with Saturn to give the truth about your Path/direction.

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