Planets position for this month:

  • Mercury, ruler of the New Moon in Gemini from July 3rd to 16 in Gemini, from 17 to 31 in Cancer
  • Venus in Taurus from 1st to 14, in Gemini from 15 to 31
  • Mars in Aries, Jupiter Retro in Pisces, from July 18 until Nov 23, 2022
  • Saturn/R from 0* Aquarius June 5th to 28* Capricorn until October 23rd
  • Neptune/R at 1* Pisces, until Dec 3rd
  • Pluto/R 3* Capricorn, until October 8
  • Mercury from behind the Sun, to in front, July 17 at 0* Cancer
  • Mars will be with Uranus from July 31 to August 3rd

Aries – financial situation will improve at the middle of the month; if you feel tired, it is normal in relation with the energies; organize in your head how to clean up what you have in storage. Careful with unexpected situation the last days of July and first days of August

Taurus – for you too, there will be an improvement in your finances with unexpected help coming from the past. Careful when driving, especially the last days of July and first of August; you could have some bad surprises in relation to. Try to maintain your car in good shape and drive carefully.

Gemini – New commencement soon, good news about Career; take a look your investments with money or in people you know or in you, your look, your presentation, your mood, think how to improve your health and your body, organize your time better.

Cancer – Good time for you in relation to work, new organization at work; try to delegate and simplify, clean up what you don’t need; be careful or you will be overwhelmed. Your problems will be solved soon with the help of friends.

Leo – Take advantage of the good weather, go out; very good time to go for holidays, but before organizing your near family, your children, your parents, some delays coming from other people; try to use diplomacy, don’t be mad.

Virgo – good time from Virgo in relation to Mercury in Gemini, do everything you need to do when Mercury in Virgo and relax when Mercury will be in Cancer. Good for logic work, communications, and talking. Good time for teachers to organize new projects.

Libra – you have choices and changes, give priority to your body; don’t exaggerate, you need to slow down your activity and relax; you need to learn how to relax, take it easy, slow all your movements. Find solutions to past situations.

Scorpio – You are full of energy; augmentation in your work, more clients, new possibilities, the future in your career, travel, and unexpected situations; careful if you drive or with metal instruments; don’t be in a hurry, take your time.

Sagittarius – Changes in relation to your health; go to the Doctor for a contrl; careful don’t take more obligations or commitments; travel with the family, stay away from legal situations that can give you problems.

Capricorn – Good time to start to think about your creativity, new solutions, new openings in your life in relation to work; will be possible to put together creativity and work, new ideas, new organization in relation to finances.

Aquarius – Life is going to slow down with this Saturn/R; take time to reflect and use your imagination, different possibilities are open in front of you; develop your intuition, this is the moment. Organize and clean all your financial situations.

Pisces– Take the time to take a serious look at your life and choices; you will have the possibility to do 2 things after middle of the month; this Jupiter in your sign is going to help you all this year; be careful what you eat, don’t put weight on; Jupiter give expansion in all fields.

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