by NORAH NASTURAS, Professional Astrologist

Important this month:

Saturn is Retrograde from June 18 to November 4th. 2023

First, a general view of the actual situation. Half of the persons have Saturn direct, and half retrograde in the Natal Chart. This period will be difficult for the people having Saturn direct at Birth and be better for those who have Saturn retrograde at birth.

Saturn will be moving back from 13° Aquarius to 6 degrees. For people having planets in these degrees, they are going to feel it. Saturn is the planet of Karma, order, organization, economy, justice; Saturn likes what is clean, organized and just. If you did not do it before, now there will be no choice.  You will be in the obligation to focus, organize, clean, lose weight and other kinds of restrictions. If you have planets or Moon in these degrees, you will be affected by past actions and Karma situations, delays, and obstacles in the personal Natal charts at least until the first months of 2024.

Venus will be retrograde from July 24thuntil September 3rd.  Will give some personal and general problems in relation with prices and economy, for people or countries.

Mars in Leo and Uranus in Aries, fire signs and in trine 120°.  They are supporting one to the other, giving violence and aggression in people; major and prolific fires in countries.

Mercury combusts in trine with Saturn, in Air signs; more exaggerations in TV and news, scandals, and corruption. And Mercury square with Neptune, misinformation = Mirages. Do not believe what the news tells you.  Jupiter in the middle point of Mercury and Neptune, amplification, exaggeration.

HOROSCOPES for July 2023

Aries – Mars in Leo, you are ready for the action, but now you can not do anything, only wait. You are crazy because it is not in your nature to wait. Mars is in opposition with Saturn, which will be over at the end of August.

Taurus – Be careful with your money; think 2 times before spending, need organization, Venus is in trine with Neptune, is good for spirituality but not for practical issues.  Venus in Cancer, middle point of Nodes, between past and future.

Gemini – Mercury Burn by the Sun. Communication is important if you are telling the truth.  Be careful with illusions.  Only what is real and trustworthy is going to help you; you will have some surprises from friends.

Cancer – Changes in/at your work, new ideas and possibilities. Take care of your personal health and the stress. You are better, but it is too much stress. Learn how to deal with stress especially in work situations.

Leo – Thinking is not going as you wish.  Be patient — it is not the time to use your free will, but follow what happens in the exterior of you.  Do not fight!  You are wasting your energy.  Is only the time to be quiet at least until August 20th.

Virgo – Your career is stopped by Saturn currently. Mercury is not helping.  Try to focus and organize your life.  This Neptune in Pisces is helping you at the spiritual or artistic level only.  Relax, go outside. Nature and landscapes are good for you.

Libra – Ketu in your sign, in relation to Sun and Saturn.  You need physical exercise to maintain your health.  Too much stress at this time with the things you can not solve; solutions are not in your hands at this time, relax and wait.

Scorpio – Everything is going smoothly.  Do not change anything in your life. Take some days off and enjoy doing nothing.  Art and beauty are what you need at this moment: music, friends, good food, will be what you need.

Sagittarius – Fire signs are blocked.  Good time to stay quiet.  Do not do ANY actions!  You will need to come back and redo it.  Go inside yourself and look what is the reason.  You are deep in a Karmic period.  Do not move, follow the routine.

Capricorn – Be very careful with your finances, especially do not think about investments.  You feel you have to do something but there will be mistakes only.  Your life is transforming to a new life and possibilities, but first fix your situation.

Aquarius – Take it easy.  Whatever initiative you will take is not going to happen until the end of August when Mars will go to Virgo. Then the energy is going to happen in your direction.  Wait for a better time.

Pisces – Short of money for the next 2-3 weeks.  Be careful with the feelings and the food.  Do not put too much salt in your food.  Your financial situation will improve as you would like, at the end of the year.       519 497 6517

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