by NORAH NASTURAS, Professional Astrologist

Jupiter/Rahu conjunction This is general: People are not going to listen to advice or follow our society rulers!
Lots of different kind of infractions in relation with Anger, Passion, Addictions, Jealousy. Jupiter is the values or the Teacher or the authority.

Rahu: the revolution. This conjunction will be effective until Oct 20, 2023; in relation where in your personal chart if it is touching important points, planets, houses.

At the same time, Mars (= free will) is in Cancer, weak and ruled by the Moon = changes/mistakes/feelings.  We are going to have our feelings completely out of control; risky behaviors, very dangerous situations.

This month has a BIG SQUARE in cardinal signs: Capricorn = Pluto 5°, Cancer Venus 1°, 4th House Jupiter/Rahu 9° and 10 House Ketu 9°, Moon 8°. This is the most important Axe for everyone. Ascendant = Myself, 7th House: the exterior influences, 4th House: the roots, 10H: the Destiny. The triangles between Neptune Venus and Saturn Moon are positive only in relation with spirituality. Neptune/Venus = let go, Moon/Ketu only 3 degrees and the Moon will be free … but not in the practical daily life. The part of Fortune in the 8th House = transformation. Wait for big changes this month at all levels, personal, emotional, spiritual, public, politics and our Earth is changing very fast.


Aries – Mars debilitated in Cancer. Be careful with exaggeration in the actions; do not go to the limit and stay in control. Careful with your temper, possibility to follow the wrong decisions.

Taurus – Sun in your house, improvement of Health issues. Careful with other peoples’ actions; be secret, careful what you talk about. Unexpected situations in relation with money or investments.

Gemini – Take care of your health at this time, with changes in temperature, do not think too much about what you need to fix, and wait until Mercury passes over Uranus. Can be some surprises.

Cancer – Probability of important changes in your Career/Path/Destiny. Do not make important decisions at this time. You are not really in the best shape to make the changes. Wait until next month.

Leo – You will receive the consequences of actions that happened beginning of 2016, that is in relation with legal actions or spirituality. Will bring important changes in your daily life.

Virgo – Very Intense the last days of May, Mercury/Uranus.  You are at the end of a very hard period of transformation. You did a good job and now the most important face: The Maintenance with Mercury in Taurus.

Libra – Venus in Cancer opposite Pluto. Changes in relation with your personal past actions and what happened in January/June 2016 in similar situations. Do not make any decision now; wait at least for one month.

Scorpio – Careful with the personal actions. They can give opposite results … your communications, your general activities.  Your energy is low this month. Take care of yourself, relax and do meditation.

Sagittarius – your ruler Jupiter is not strong enough this month. Do not give advice, mistakes are possible. Your values are changing. It is a good time to follow with your internal transformations. Read spiritual books.

Capricorn – Aggression is there. Pluto in your sign with all this aggression outside of you.  Mars weak in Cancer. Try to be calm and control all your reactions. Don’t react! Stay calm and don’t provoke situations/reactions.

Aquarius – Sat/Moon gives depression. Go outside, talk with friends. Stay away from negative situations or people. Do some charity with people who need help, do positive acts, this will help you.

Pisces – Careful with expenses until the middle of June. Jupiter/Rahu in your 2nd house; Mercury, Uranus, prepare yourself for changes.  Let go of situations … maybe people, relax, take some days off.

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