Aries – Creativity in relation with action. Do it. Mars in Aquarius, freedom. Future is open, think and see what you need to improve in your life. The moment is now. Do it. The New Moon here, Aries is the focus, be careful with aggression, anger, mental or impulsive actions.

Taurus – Venus exalted in Pisces. Venus = money/love. Prices going up, enjoy life, spring is coming. Gardening, flowers, landscape. Go out for a walk in nature. Enjoy the nature. Life looks better, easier. Everything is possible, Venus, Jupiter and Neptune together, good for spirituality. Progress.

Gemini – Mercury Retrograde from May 11th until June 2nd. Bad for communications. Be very diplomatic, careful what you say or write, be nice with people around, warm, don’t sign anything. Careful with all kinds of movement, and sport. Bad time to travel or move.

Cancer – Moon eclipsed by the sun, be careful with your intuition and feelings, problem with water, big change in your routine, careful with emotions. Intuition is not working normally. Illusions, mistakes. Be careful with your digestion especially cold food or liquids.

Leo – Sun Exalted until May 15, good time the first 2 weeks to take care of your Soul.  Your body is strong. Good time to do improvement in your body. Look carefully what your physical need and adapt or change your program. Look to balance health and happiness. Be careful with excess. Good time to go for holidays.

Virgo – Mercury in Taurus, go out, walk, take advantage of the Spring. Everything is growing and is beautiful, not only around you but inside of you. Very positive period until May 11 if you have Mercury direct, if your ME is retrograde try to put your projects at work after May 11 until June 2nd.

Libra – Venus at her high power. Careful with expenses, Saturn is the ruler too and say wait. Everything that happen this month is outside of you or your will. Be nice, warm, charming, try to fix situations with the past months or with people you met in the past. Don’t play with money. Do a Health check-up.

Scorpio – Mars with Rahu, very, very violent influence, bad for Scorpio, Taurus, Leo and Virgo. Careful with aggression, yours or other people; too much energy in the air. Careful with aggressive movements/muscles. Careful with blood pressure going up, sharp metals, knives or other metals.

Sagittarius– Jupiter exalted in Pisces until 21 April 2023. A better period is coming. Ask for help if you need, will be easy to have it. Dream high, probably will be reality. Finally, your Mind will be in peace. Think to travel with family or friends. You have time until the Fall to do what you had in project all these past years.

Capricorn – Pluto will be there until 2038 and Saturn is moving out. This coming period, the especial effect will be changing in the governments and societies of different countries in relation with the World. At personal level too, change of life direction after these 2 bad years, especially people everybody having important planets in the sign. This is the moment to change career, work, lifestyle, settle your Mind, etc.

Aquarius – Saturn changing sign, become more light. You are dreaming with freedom, for this month you are to stop. Whatever you want is impossible for eight weeks. Your logic is not working properly. Use the intuition you have to come out of this situation. Careful with actions, do nothing or think very careful to the consequences of what you would do.

Pisces – 3 planets in dignity. This is too much: 3 different directions, good for artists, creativity, healers, spirituality. Whatever this is the end of a cycle for the people of this Sign, possibility of taking another direction in better relation with their personalities and potential. Careful, organize your life very clearly before do something that you cannot come back from (as quit your job or similar).

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