Annular LUNAR Eclipse May 5 2023. Visible par of Europe, Africa, but the effect will be in the Eastern Countries, as Russia, Australia, India, Japan, etc, please look the map here.

This eclipse happens at 20° Libra, the Moon and 20° Aries, the Sun. Because is Full Moon Eclipse will affect the Women, the Mind, the People in general; Routine, and the water, flooding, families, and all the Moon significations, for the next months.

If you have planets in your personal chart around of 20 degrees, you will be affected in relation what is the planet touched.  The signification is in relation with the Ketu Movement.   Ketu the spiritual node of the moon, probably are giving to accelerate the spirituality in the people’s mind, giving more intuition too, once is passing over the moon.

Don’t forget the Moon is water and water is feelings, good or bad feelings…..Feelings are exalted now. Libra is the sign of relationships, personal, professional or international; with Mars in an air sign will be possibly lot of violence.  People, we…. are aggressive.  Libra is an Air sign too.  Communications are the Key and Do Not React to the provocation is the solution….

This time I am going to do the Horoscopes with focus on the Moon. How this Moon at 20° Libra sidereal (the sign in relation with others, personal, professional, international, etc.…) and an Air sign = communications, talking, writing, email, phone, etc. etc.…. how this Eclipse is going to affect each Sign.

Moon is with Rahu in Libra, Ketu with Jupiter; Mercury a0nd Sun in Aries.

Aries – Moon in opposite sign Libra, is talking about relationship, all the relationships. Lot of doubts and choices, please think and look for advice before to do something; don’t follow the desire, follow the reason. Improve your life, have more fun, look for pleasure, don’t spend money.

Taurus – Moon is exalted in Taurus.  Don’t believe your intuition at this moment. Many choices are in front of you, take your time, think about, look the pro and the contrary, be positive, improving the money issues this month.

Gemini – Mercury is talking about future and Knowledge.  Life this moment is only routine, you fix all the situations and problems in your life. Your life is well organized and you are looking about new things. It is a good moment to become interested in a new subject, do search.

Cancer – Ruler Moon under the Eclipse, be careful with mirages, nothing is as seems.  Everything is under the influence of the past – your past! Take a look at your life around 2004-2005 to understand the direction your life changed and what the future will bring to you.

Leo – Some legal situation to solve? Look 18-19 years back to understand what the issues will be. Karmic period in your life. Saturn in Aquarius in front of you giving problems. Be positive, the solution for your problem is near, one or 2 more months.

Virgo – until middle of the month Mercury Retrograde is not helping.  Stay quiet, don’t move until the 16th and think of the possible solutions to apply after.  Good time to look for your money and organize what needs to be done. Invest in you.

Libra – Careful with your feelings. Too much sensibility. Calm your mind, organize objects around you, organize your life. Travel is not the solution.  You need to fix situation at home. Don’t let the things go big.  Do the balance of this 7 years and clean up what you don’t need – objects or people.

Scorpio – Change is in the Air! Too much intense and too much emotional charge in your life.  Start to look for different subject of attention. Go out, look for distractions, don’t go in this direction, take time for you to be happy. Clean up your diet too, you are putting weight on.

Sagittarius – Is not because Jupiter is strong you find all the solutions. Take care what some people need around you.  Charity is what you need to do. Find some volunteer work that is going to help you to be happier and more useful. Keep your feelings for you.

Capricorn – Organize your life, your house, your root.  Make a plan for your personal future. Don’t let the time go by. Look for a new job. There are lots of opportunities there. It is time for you to change your routine and your lifestyle. Too long you are waiting – move now.

Aquarius – Take time to relax, not time for changes. look for a hobby that can become a 2nd Career later. Maybe you need to come back to something you where doing long time ago….Take time to think about all the different possibilities with the knowledge you have.

Pisces – Life is moving. Make changes in your home.  Decorate with beauty.  Colours of orange, green.  You need more movement, more sport, more Air. After May 16 new opportunities. Take a look where your money is going. You are spending too much. It is not about money, use what you have.

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