Aries – changes, you are going to do some courses or study something for pleasure or to improve the quality of your life

Taurus – careful with expenses, you are expending too much in food and following your impulse, restriction after the 25 Sept

Gemini – careful what you talk, write or communicate, after Sept 10, Mercury retrograde, good for planning, not doing

Cancer – unexpected things happen, be ready with the “Plan B”, survey your money, do the math, NM in Trine with Uranus

Leo – change your look, perfect time to improve your life and your home, or buy a new car; careful with feelings and mirages

Virgo – Mercury is retrograde, opposite to Jupiter (help, learning, legal, medical) and Neptune (mirages, illusions, lies) from Pisces

Libra – Venus opposite to Saturn, regrets, solve past situations present in your life now, friends coming from past

Scorpio – Mars good for career, take the new opportunity, a possible change in direction or other orientation at work or new work

Sagittarius – everything happen outside of you, you don’t have control at the present, lots of ideas, wait to next month to put in practice

Capricorn – changes in your life, totally change area of living, moving, careful with investments or money situations

Aquarius – opportunity coming from other people, good for Relationships, Health is better, control your emotions

Pisces – new friends and projects, careful what are you signing, control your money, do your math, bad for investments