by NORAH NASTURAS, Professional Astrologist

Planetary aspects:

Retrograde planets: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto all the month.

Mercury will be retrograde until September 15 at 13° Leo. Doing opposition to Saturn.

Venus until Sept 4 Stationary for 2 weeks, at 18° Cancer.

September 15 New Moon in Leo.

September 28 Full Moon in Pisces.

The Ascendent this month is Taurus, ruled by Venus and the moon in relation with Neptune.

Important: the conversation about the Covid and its variations will come back this month.

HOROSCOPES — September 2023

Aries – September will give some professional challenges. Mars in the 6th house in opposition to Neptune. Be careful with action or decisions in relation with money or changes in your life. Think two times before doing it. Good month to fix some mistakes in relation with family, parents or sibling situations.

Taurus – Careful what you do, all the eyes are fixed in your actions. Wait until the 2nd week to speak. Venus is retrograde for at least one week, is not helping you. Too many retrograde planets this month, the situation is going to improve soon, little by little.

Gemini – For half of the month Mercury will be retrograde, if you have Mercury Retrograde at birth this is the best time for you to talk, write, communicate, etc. If you have direct will be better to wait after the 15th of the month to write this letter or sign some important document.

Cancer – good time for creativity, bad time for practical things such as money, investments or organization. You can always take advantage of this month to find the best solutions in relation to feelings or souvenirs with the past. Try to fix the past mistakes you did or at least do not repeat.

Leo – take care of your body, your look (hair, skin, nail, etc) and your health. This is a good time to be ready for the new things coming to your life in the future. Don’t forget to clean up everything that is not necessary with your projects. Be ready for the new beginning, new start, new look, new personality, new ideas, new job.

Virgo – September is a month for a new beginning, a very good time to organize a new direction in life after the time off you take these last 2 months. This is the time to put your ideas in action, your projects and start to move your life in a new direction. Summer is finished, Time for action starts now.

Libra – Soon your life is going to be more simple. The north node is going out of your sign after 18 months, to your 12 houses. Time for ideas and relationships, time to relax and take care of more practical things, organize a new trip? Meet new places? New people?

Scorpio – good time to talk with yourself and think about what needs to be changed in your life. Be careful with the illusions or your imagination. Mars in opposition to Neptune. Everything will be in action this month and you need to know your new direction: clean up what is not necessary, focus on what you need, get rid of clutter, and take more time for you.

Sagittarius – Jupiter is Retrograde all month, good month to make changes in relation with career, and prepare yourself to work harder, more focus, more look for improvement and advantages, improving your future, using the knowledge you add in this last 2 years. Careful the end of the month with the conjunction with Uranus at 28 degrees. Will bring some surprises.

Capricorn – The sun brings some solutions to your life passing in opposition to Saturn, finally your life is going to become lighter, and solutions are coming; after almost 3 difficult years. Organize a new beginning for the spring. Start to put order in your projects and ideas. Try to use the ideas or solutions you did in the past with a new look, this is your best guarantee.

Aquarius – going back to your past and looking at your mistakes, try to understand the why and how to fix these mistakes without going back to the facts; with a new look, a new name, but always keep the image the people knew, the look. Saturn is in your sign and will give you the strength you need. Keep the old image and renew with new ideas.

Pisces – Neptune brings spirituality, ideas, creativity. Take this time to relax, wait 2 weeks to be over the opposition with Mars. Don’t do anything new.  Wait, relax. Be happy. Use your hobbies. If you design, go with the colors, put your energy into creating new shapes and colors or maybe new techniques in creativity. Try to find your pleasure in something that is only yours, inside of you. Don’t look outside, it is not there

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