What is Reiki?

In many ways, Reiki is beyond description. We know it is a system – yes. As taught in Western-Style originating Reiki.

Reiki Ryoho – Ry → healing. oho → art.  A Healing Art that uses Reiki. It is the energy of the Universe which sustains all life; life-giving force.

We are not aware; we don’t pay much attention. The energy of the Universe — heaven and earth – which sustains all life.

What is Komyo ReikiDo and what makes it different from Western-Style Reiki systems?

*Traditionally in Japan the family name precedes the given name.

Here are a few examples of differences: Komyo ReikiDo is a Hayashi Shiki (system) of Usui Reiki Ryoho.

Lineage – Lineage plays a part in Reiki; there are well over 100 styles of Reiki this century, with some acknowledging the traditional 3 people origin. Western-Styles most often include the original 3 people.

Komyo ReikiDo (KRD) is an origin story beginning and staying with the Japanese concepts. A student of Hayashi Chujiro – Yamaguchi Chiyoko taught my Sensei, Inamoto Hyakuten. For many years, Sensei researched the Reiki origins of Usui/Hayashi along with the spiritual practices of ancient and pre-war Japan. He took what he learned and founded KRD.

He is a well-known and well-respected international teacher/sensei within the global Reiki community.  You will find his name on/in many books, academic papers, historical document translations, etc for being the translator as well as his knowledge, research and depth of practice.

Inamoto Sensei, a Japanese Buddhist Monk of the Pure Land (Jodo Shu) sect lives in the former capital of Japan – Kyoto, where he has his dojo.  Travelling to Japan will often find him taking Reiki people up to Kurama-Yama, the birthplace of Reiki.  He travels extensively teaching Reiki Ryoho worldwide.

Komyo ReikiDo is a gateway to spiritual awakening and Satori.

Komyo ReikiDo is a ‘keep it simple’ Reiki system and practice. Simplicity is the key to the truth.

Wee portions of the above from the Shoden (First Degree) Komyo Reiki manual.