Almost the majority of persons that want to talk with me, this last 2-3 years, are born between 1964 and 1970

First, I thought was a coincidence, but now I start to see a pattern.

This note is for the people 70 years old or older that probably remember this period of the sixties that changed our life forever.

I remember because I was in my twenties at the time, I was going to the University, where of course the young people were more in attention to this “desires” changes.

At this moment, whatever country in the Americas or Europes or other areas, they start to be under the influence of these changes.

Until there, after the 2nd war, was the recover of the people, the economy, was never too much change at the level of people, the countries.

In general they had a good economy, a majority of middle class, and we had a society with the same moral values my mother had and my grandmother, was not too many changes in the last 200 or 300 years for women.

The Sixties started to change all that. The moral values were completely changed after this period.

I remember it was a time of discussions at home with my father, and this new idea about Freedom from the Society Rules was new.

Was a revolution, violence, manifestations, problems and division on the families, girls want to be free, they didn’t want to stay home, take care of a man and have a lot of kids. Women start to look for independence, work, have money (her own money) be free, before, women married for life.

In the 60s, is they discover divorce, and they discover that the marriage paper is not important.

Was the fight for Human Rights, Black rights, Vietnam war, Hippies, the incredible1968 Musical Festival in Woodstock, NY. Homosexuality, Sex, Kennedy assassination, the down of the American middle class way of life. We, Human, put the feet in the Moon. You can take a look the newspapers of the time or maybe here:

In the 60s, religion was something solid and the Pope/Vatican was a very strong personality, Jewish, Muslim, Hindus, each has their own practice.

The Planet of Generational Changes Pluto was in Leo, Sign of royalty; Neptune was going to Scorpio, sign of Secrets, Oil, Precious stones, sex, everything we don’t talk, Psychologies, etc. etc. Pluto today, and for probably the next many years, is in Capricorn, ruler Saturn lord of Karma. Neptune in Aquarius with Jupiter, Sign of Future, Friends. Progress in Science, discovering about the Old Civilizations, Neptune will be in April in Pisces Spirituality, what give this changes in people awakening to spirituality or the spiritual values.

Why do I say that?

I am an Astrologer and I try to find what really happens these days on our Earth.

We are at the cycle of the Planets 60 years a way of all this situation, what is the 60 years cycle? It is the most important cycle. In the East countries, such as Chine or India, the 60 birthday for a person is a big celebration, the same as a new birth. The occidental too, the Bible and the Kabbalah Jewish are talking too, about the 120 years cycle.

The cycle of 60 years is in relation with the most important planets in our system, Jupiter 12 x 5 = 60, Jupiter giver of Life, and Saturn 2 x 30 = 60 Giver of death.

In general, the 60th birthday has the most psychological and personal effect, for the people in general the idea the youth is finished at 60, and now life has become serious, we start to think about retirement, organization, health, and try to fix our previous mistakes. Health becomes much more important than money or property. We understand we are here in the Transitory time, not forever. Same that for us people happen for the countries, the industries, the business, etc, I generally the people at the top of countries or enterprises are between 50 and 70 years old.

Whatever is happening now, the protest, the virus, the vaccine (we are in war with a virus) the social rights, racism, religion, the Return to the natural things, change in the values (again) change in relationships, we discover more and more our personal Relation with God, we discover that health is our problem, we have choices about what to eat, do exercise, etc., go to the essential, what is important for me, the search to be happy … it is not the society point of view, but mine, I am in the center and the worst we feel alone and depressed. What is important is me.

We are togethers and this kind of general feeling from people from 50 to 70 is what makes the countries, in general the people in our country’s government are in this ages. This people are cautious, with good intentions, trying to protect their people, families, animals, etc. Never were in my memory so many charitable organizations the protection of the animals, poor people etc. All this fact are signal of the change. 

The old way of thinking don’t give solutions and in general we are afraid about where we are going in the future. First we were going to walk in the Moon, now we are having advances in science to go to LIVE in the Moon or other planets, we have a huge satellite in the space to investigate what happens in other planets or stars, looking for interspatial relations, we aliens people. We are talking about war, when we know perfectly it is impossible, we are so advanced in weapons that will be the Finish of our humanity. We have advances in Sciences, Electronic, Communication, at the same time, we start to know better the Old civilizations and accept the old Knowledge was the Egyptian, or our First Nations, talk with Animals, know what Nature give to us and protect.

We thought that was possible to control everything, that everything has explanation, and now we have this warming of the Earth, the weather, too many hot, cold, storms, water going up in the Oceans, that is a normal behaviour of our Earth, the breathing of the Earth, going up and going down same that happens millions of Years ago with the advance and retract of the glacial Era in this our North American continent. Yes, Canada and the half of USA were covered with ice. We need to know a little more about the history, the Changes, and especially how the different generations adapt to these changes. We think we know lot, but we need to be more humbles and take advantage of the thousands of years old knowledge behind us.

Only one thing I am sure, this coming years will be years of changes, big changes, opportunities and specially Spiritual awake, and is only one solution, try to adapt, we are not going to go back, more we resist, more difficult life become, we are in front of a white page, we are scare with the changes that are completely out of our control. I think that the big change is we need to go inside of us and start to know who you are and especially What I am here at this time. Edgar Cayce says that at this time a lot of people from the Atlántida are reincarnating, because they know they did a mistake destroying his world. Maybe the reason we have to be here is to try to understand one another? To be better, to be kind, to help, to support others. The ideal world that is the Goal in all The religions? We are fighting as kids for a toy. We need to be together with the idea to be better maybe. Whatever it is, we are not going to see solutions at least for a long, long time. I am happy that I study astrology. That helps me to find explanations, organizations, solutions and help a lot of People to understand their lives and find the happiness they were looking for or better to find peace.             

Now speaking as Astrologer, the last conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn happened in Capricorn some months ago. Then where are the changes coming? I give here some key words to give only an idea, need more elaboration. I will talk about this later. Capricorn sign of Govern, Control, Ambition, go high, personality, etc. opposite to Cancer: women, home, mother, family, etc. in trine Taurus, economy, money, mouth/food, and Virgo Medicine, practical, health, until there we are ok because is trine, but Aries is square, Aries, Ego, Action, impulses, energy, and Libra, union, associations, the other in front of me… more will come later.

My father always told me that my right, start and finish, is the right of others to start and finish. That is a limit between, we don’t pass, is respect, same in relation with time, don’t be late, you take the time of other.

In astrology Saturn has interesting special aspects, 3rd, 7th and 10th. The 3rd from Capricorn is Pisces, Huge change in Spirituality, how we see religions and how to talk with God, is going to change too.

These are the places, where changes are going to come, in the next few years and what is the best way to follow, trying to stay in the old kind of life will be very hard and painful.        

Finally we have an animal body and as the animals last a long time we feel these changes come, until the majority of people don’t understand and adapt we are going to have conflicts and fight as children.                                             

Astrology gives to me the explanations I was looking all my life. I would like to say to you that:

It is not a precedent of this situation, is a white page to be written…..

I write this to only give something to think, nothing else.