Only 2 ingredients required for this great exfoliant.

½ cup White Sugar — white sugar is not something I have in my home for ingestion, it is good for a sugar scrub since it goes right down the drain.

¼ cup Carrier Oil — any inexpensive carrier works just fine for a scrub. Therapeutics are not a consideration with a scrub; we just want the lovely silky skin a scrub leaves.

Sugar to water ratio = 2:1 always

Massage your hands with the scrub in a circular motion front and back, between the fingers and wrists and feel the silkiness after.

Rinse off with warm water. No more dry skin.

Why not have your partner mini-massage you? Turn-about is fair too.

Add 12 drops of Essential Oil/oz. With this recipe 24 drops = 2 oz for a 2% dilution. The Essential Oils you would use would depend on what the issue is.

Other parts of your body can benefit from this scrub as well including dry legs, knees arms. Be very careful if you are rinsing off in the shower. Oil is slippery! 

Stop If irritation, redness, itchiness occurs; discontinue immediately!