Perhaps, you noticed (or not) that I did not have an article in the last newsletter. That’s partly because I’ve been hunkered down determining which of many potential routes I wish to choose for the next evolution of self and business.

In that pondering, the word authenticity repeatedly appeared. Thus, “authenticity” is the keyword and/or foundation of the next programs and courses I am creating to share with you.

Are you aware that you are currently wearing a mask (of your own design evolved over a lifetime) to cover and hide your authentic self? This mask includes the expectations of society, familial obligations, education, your circle of influence both personally and professionally. These are ‘rules’ you created as a child and/or young adult doing your best to live within and/or survive the constraints and/or freedom of your upbringing?

We all have masks to some extent or another. We’re one person with our family, another with close friends, another at work and yet another in unfamiliar situations. These masks are our protectors — saving us from being too vulnerable or authentic — which could result in rejection by those we hold as powerful and important in our world/life.

Remember the days when you were wholly and exuberantly (sometimes too exuberantly) YOU?! How that felt in the moment? How REAL and AUTHENTIC you felt? How invincible and special? 

The moments before someone said things like:

  • Children should be seen and not heard.
  • Could you please just ‘mouth the words’ when everyone else sings?
  • Lower your voice.
  • Who do you think you are?
  • Who made you boss?
  • You need to adjust your attitude, young man/lady!
  • Explain how you got that answer.
  • That is not funny!
  • That is not normal behaviour.
  • Whatever gave you that idea?!
  • Why does everything always work out for you?

Do you remember similar phrases, unspoken ‘rules’ or situations? Phrases or situations that may even have had an impact on you your entire lifetime? They could have happened as a child or adult.

I’d love to hear of your experiences!

If you would like to share, email me directly here. Only I see your reply and only I reply!