by Susan Crutcher, Professional Hand Analyst and Life Empowerment Mentor

Mercury Mound (LH) | Pluto Zone (LH) | Pluto and Moon Zones (RH)

Intuition Gift Markings

In Scientific Hand Analysis, each of the above handprints highlights a “gift marking” on the palm. Gift Markings are signs of ‘extra potential’ for the person at that time. There are a possibility of 18 different Gift Markings. The majority of people do not have any Gift Markings.

Only a small percentage of the population has one Gift Marking. Therefore, to have more than one is a big deal. Personally, in the past, I’ve had 8 at once and know of others who have had more: 11, 12 and one person with 15! That’s a lot of extra potential (and, if on the student path, a lot of confusion and struggle).

It is very common for those in the Holistic Arts, particularly those who work in healing modalities, to have one or more Gift Markings. Most frequently, I see: Mercury lines (5 or more) known as “Medical Stigmata” and the Moon/Pluto curve known as “Line of Clairvoyance”

Gift Markings, since they are on the palm, can appear, disappear and/or reappear over a person’s lifetime. If the gifts are not embraced/welcomed/expressed, they can result in what is known as a ‘penalty’ (think: challenge). Each gift marking has a corresponding penalty associated with it. For a Hand Analyst, these are referred to as the Master Path and the Student Path … in, or out of, alignment with where you are in life at this time. So, the more Gift Markings you have, the more extra potential currently available for you!

As you see they can show up in various formats: lines, boxes, diamonds, stars and more. Stars are the most common format.

Take a look at YOUR PALMS. Do you see any ‘stars’ (must be 5 or more points and not include the heart, head or life lines) on either/both left or right hand?

Yes?! Would you like to know what it means? EMAIL ME two photos of ONE such marking on your palm (an overview for location and a closeup for identification) and I’ll reply with the name, meaning and a little more detail on master/student path for the Gift Marking. Note: if difficult to spot, send a third photo where you’ve drawn the Gift Marking in ink on your palm.