Instead of witnessing the dreaded ‘to do’ list on your desk endlessly increasing, there is another way to approach it.

While it does not change what is on the list, it does change how you approach the list itself as well as the items on it.

You’re welcome to keep the infinite list elsewhere (out of sight) to bring items forward if/when you run out of ideas.

I’ve seen similar approaches over the years, however, last month Niki and I participated in a virtual workshop and one of the gifts we received was a writing pad titled “What do I get to work on today?”

Changing even that wording ever so slightly to “What I get to work on today!” puts an entirely different spin, or perspective, on the list. It now becomes a much more positive facet of the day instead of holding a subconscious negative connotation.

To test it out for yourself, we’ve created a template that you can print out (I’d suggest 2/page if your printer supports that, (to save paper) and get started. Download your printable list here.


1.     Choose the TOP 2 or 3 (4 if you must) priority items for today

2.     List up to 8 ‘important’ items in the next block

3.     Lastly, write down items you think of through the day in the ‘remember’ section. These can be transferred to your master ‘to do’ list or brought forward to the next day’s list

4.     Strike through items as you complete them for psychological satisfaction

We hope you enjoy this helpful resource! We’d love to hear if, and how, it works for you.