Heron symbolism and meaning calls you to reflect on stillness, patience and deep meditation.

When Heron arrives as a Spirit Animal and guide, he bears a variety of messages. One speaks of independence. Either you are too solitary or too social. By the first measure, we still need each other. That is simply a human reality. By the second measure, we need not hide in the crowd to the point of losing identity.

The second lesson from Heron is working cooperatively with your partner when preparing for a family. Heron does not like the company of other Birds. Nonetheless, the male and female work together in making a nest. It appears to be a well-balanced partnership that provides a strong foundation for their young.

Third, Heron Spirit Animal may be calling you to a time of thinking deeply about your life and where you are going; this effort not only offers a chance to ground but increases our wisdom about our place and purpose. If you find yourself uncomfortable around someone or in a situation, ask yourself why. Sometimes it’s an instinctual warning. Other times that person or setting is challenging some of your perspectives or habits.

Once you have a good grasp of your true self, Heron challenges you to take the next step. Prepare to walk to the beat of your figurative drummer. You can love your peers and appreciate their company while also staying on track. Being a little unconventional and individualistic is ok. This personal transformation doesn’t lock people out. Your family and friends still find comfort and acceptance in your company.

Finally, Heron counsels you on an opportunity. This Spirit Animal is forbearing and persistent. You need not always wait for your ship to come in. Swim to it!

Excerpted with thanks from https://whatismyspiritanimal.com/spirit-totem-power-animal-meanings/birds/heron-symbolism-meaning/