Full Moon April 5 at 6th 21°6’ Virgo.

Sun in Aries April 15 at 0° Aries

South Node at 9° 53’ Aries.

Jupiter April 22 at 0° Aries.

Mercury in Aries, Retrograde at 21° April 21. Until May 14 at 11° Aries.

Uranus 22° to 24° in Aries.

And Sun Eclipse, April 20 at 4° 58’ Aries; the Shadow will be in Australia.

Mars from April 9 to April 30 in Gemini

As you see this month of April, there is a lot that happens in Aries sign. The ruler of Aries – Mars is in Gemini, giving importance to Mercury In Astrology. Mars and Mercury are opposite actions; Mercury is the ideas and Mars the action. When these 2 planets are in relation is lot of aggressivity in the Air, as you will see in general for everybody’s horoscopes, I say the same: be careful with the people reaction, everybody is tired with the situation not only here but in other countries too.
We are not happy how things are going. Train your individual side to be patient with yourself and the others. Try to relax and develop your self. It is a wonderful time to develop our personal spirituality. Do not let this time go on, do it, go inside.

Be always very careful in your REACTION, it is the only thing UNDER OUR CONTROL, remember, we can not control the Actions… relation with Economy, Politics or whatever other area. Be careful if you are driving too. It is lots of accidents at this time.


Aries– Don’t take any action, your doubt and thinking is not clear, be careful much more expenses are coming for you, and some unexpected situations you need to solve. Specially around the 20th, you can be very sensitive to the Eclipse.

Taurus – With expenses this month, be careful. Do not use your savings account. You will feel better only after April 12, when Venus will be in Libra.

Gemini – Good time to relax, to organize your money, make plans and organize a simpler routine in your everyday life, take time to you too, and relax.

Cancer – Some frustration with your career, be careful don’t create problem with other people or with yourself, at the same time, you will receive some good opportunities.

Leo – In relation to your career good opportunities if you follow and do the transformation necessaires and the spiritual direction in your life/destiny. Sun is exalted in Aries.

Virgo – listening your partners, and take a break, you are giving too much, and you need to energize yourself. Take time off, go where is Nature, landscapes. Go out….

Libra – Take time to relax and meditate, the eclipse is in Aries, opposite to your sign, don’t do any action this month, continuous with the same routine. Don’t make changes.

Scorpio – Good time for ideas, creation, try new ways in your work, very creative time, but works only in ideas, don’t put nothing new in practice this month, be careful.

Sagittarius – Lot of things happening this month, look for priorities, don’t discuss, you have too much in your plate. Be patient, you can be irritable, don’t travel.

Capricorn – Look for the future. Think to the changes you can do, but go slow. Organize your home. You can have some problems related to family or house.

Aquarius – Organize, especially your savings. Don’t take risks with finances; be conservative. Only ideas – focus in your ideas, but don’t do changes now.

Pisces – Don’t work too much in what is not necessary. Take care of your health, your food, gym, and be careful with your aggression and outside of you. or Text only to 519 497 6517

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