Hummingbirds vibrate at a very high vibration, which makes them more connected to the spiritual realm. Their behaviors are influenced by the spiritual presence of angels, guides, or loved ones that have passed on. Spiritually, hummingbirds represent inspiration and hope, and represent a guiding light that can move you closer to fulfilling your dreams.

Hummingbird energy is a combination of spiritual devotion, mental agility, and physical determination to reach a goal. When these are in harmony, you can create any reality that you wish to live here on earth. 

The ideas that you have now are only possible because of the lessons that you have learned from your past to get you to where you are today. The hummingbird invites you to look at the bigger picture, and see a Divine connection in everything that you have done whether positive or negative. 

If you are currently dealing with a challenging situation and dream of a hummingbird, the message is to trust in the larger picture and understand the lessons you are working through so that these shifts can happen.

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