From Norah Nasturas — March 2022

I do these horoscopes in Sideral zodiac.

In Indian Astrology we have the 2 zodiacs: one from Sun the 12 Signs, the other, ancient, from Moon the Nakshatras.

At this moment Saturn the strong, planet ruled of Capricorn and Aquarius is moving, who is having all the other planets under his control, Saturn is changing the Nakshatra too, from Shravana ruled by the Moon is going to Dhanistha, Ruled by Mars, Moon is people, Mars is action. This explains why we see a lot of movement in the Mass of Population, not only in Canada, but over the world.   Especially if we have the Asc, Sun or Moon or other planets in the final degrees of Capricorn and the first degrees of Aquarius,  We will to know more in April, will be a very interesting month with a lot of movement.

On April 14th Jupiter will be in Pisces, out of the government of Saturn, then the situation will start to change again.At the same time, Mars and Venus are moving together in the 1st degrees of Sidereal Capricorn to the 19* Venus, 24* Mars, traveling for the whole month of March. At this moment, we are lucky Venus has more power than Mars, then diplomacy and none action is the winner. Venus leave Capricorn to 0* Aquarius April 1st. and will be free from Saturn.

At the same time, around the full Moon, The Nodes Rahu and Ketu the karmic indicators, or Cauda and Draconis or North and south Nodes, are changing signs.

What is important is: that they are changing rulers. Rahu is changing ruler from Venus to Mars, Rahu the future indicator will be more energy and Ketu from Mars to Venus, more spiritual and diplomatic. This transit will give a lot of activity, discussions, violence and at the same time, the opposite is going to happen, giving more interest in spirituality as a remedy for this wild energy.

The effect of the Nodes changes will be there for the next 18 months. 

In Nov 2023 the Nodes will change again to Pisces/Virgo signs. I will say we need to wait until Nov 2023,  to see clearly, they will change the rules again to Venus/Jupiter/Neptune for Rahu and Mercury for Ketu. Mars and Venus are traveling together almost all March, and Venus is doing a buffer between Mars and Saturn, activity, energy, Mars, Diplomacy Venus and blockage/reaction Saturn. The same happens for individual persons, for Business, Economy or for countries, we have 3 powers fighting, Action, Diplomacy and Blockage. In relation to the Stock Market, it will be up and down, be careful if you are investing at this time. We are going to continue to have manifestations and protesters for some months, Uranus is at 19* Aries the planet of freedom and revolution and the Node south destiny and future, are going to meet again in the middle of April, but this will be for next month.

OK, here are the horoscopes.

As you know I do only a translation from the symbols in a chart, I would like to be more positive, give you better news, but… the planets are not happy, and the energies start to go out in a very aggressive way. Relax, meditate, go inside of you. We are lucky in Canada that open minded people are coming from many different backgrounds that I will say the mass of people is elastic mind and in a good balance.

Aries – Unusual and complicated situations, conflicts and arguments, from February 26 until March,12, very volatile situation, stay calm the most you can, especially in relation to relationships, friends, family or colleagues.

Taurus – Very hard time, try to stay busy, make simple, don’t look for complications, be patient, stay calm, try to work at home, decorate or so, try to calm down, learn something new, meditate

Gemini – Careful with communications and what you say, with papers, documents, legal documents, conversations, is not the time to do it now, wait after the end of April, yes, I say End of April.

Cancer – a lot of energy, a lot of movement, very busy at the professional level, stay away from conflicts, you are a witness only, organize your money, or expenses.

Leo – Conflicts, very complicated time on all levels, obstructions, look how to deal with situations, don’t rush, don’t take decisions, don’t push, don’t want to do something, stay calm.

Virgo – Keep your ideas for yourself, don’t share yet, need to learn to be patient, wait, if you give your ideas or project to others, they are going to take it. Wait is not the right time yet.

Libra – you will feel irritated with everything, family, noise, small things, aggravation, professional problems, try to find happiness at home, be careful with impulses. Be patient.

Scorpio – Very frustrated, don’t push to do things, use this time to make plans for action, whatever you are acting – Mars- Saturn is stopping you. Control your nerves.

Sagittarius – Don’t  invest, plan, stay calm, don’t be obsessed with other people, if you act you will make mistakes, if you make a mistake you will need to come back to be rectified.

Capricorn – all the action is here, all planets are here, all issues are here, stay quiet at list until March 28, be careful with values, health, family, work, very unstable situation, up and down.

Aquarius – Expenses, this is your issue, be careful with expenses, on top of the other situation you have here Jupiter magnified glass and Neptune mirages, very confused situation, don’t make changes. Wait.

Pisces – Jupiter your ruler will be there in the middle of April, if you can, take a trip, take some days off, be only a witness, everything is happening around you, careful with disputes with friends or community. Relax.

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